Far Cry 6 in the test playfully no revolution but a successful guerrilla

If you re talking about Far Cry, you usually know what you get as a player. Since the game series of Ubisoft is developed, the games follow a specific pattern, which has already become a winged term as a FAR-CRY formula. And yet the makers promise any issue innovations that leave the title from the usual trot. So also in the run-up to the publication of Far Cry 6.

A reboot, as some may have already wished him, it did not come in the end. The sixth part also offers the player, on the whole, what he expects from a Far Cry. And yet it succeeds in the developers at least punctually leave the paths of the formula and to dispose of some contaminated sites. But there is really groundbreaking innovations. So no one should expect a revolution … where, but, but that s exactly what it s in Far Cry 6 (Buy Now).

Far Cry 6: Great guerrilla adventure without playful revolution

Far Cry 6

El Presidente Brutal

The scene is this time the Fictitious Island State Yara in the Caribbean, which is dominated by the unscrupulous dictator Anton Castillo. With his architecture, the Spanish-speaking population and the numerous vintage cars on the streets, Yara remembers Cuba. However, there are also clear differences. Dictator Castillo is not a communist, but rather a fascist that suppresses his population with outermost brutality. As an antagonist, he also distinguishes pleasingly pleasant from the existing counterparts of the Far-Cry series. Vaas (FC3), Pagan Min (FC4) and Joseph Seed (FC5) were all driven by an inner madness in a manner.

Anton Castillo is not a madman like his predecessors, but simply an absolutely brutal autocrat, under which even his son has suffering. Source: PC Games Anton Castillo, on the other hand, is a man with a clear mind and unwavering faith to do the right and best for his land. However, he implements this purpose with utmost brutality. He wants to turn Yara into a paradise on earth. If the way has to be paved there with corpses, that s just like that. This also gets protagonist Dani Rojas to feel his own body. The either male or female hero against will is initially only a citizen Yaras, who wants to escape the brutal regime. Of course, the escape to America goes thoroughly into the pants and so Dani ends up in the arms of Clara Garcia and the Guerilla movement La Libertad.

Their inexorable fight against the regime of dictator Anton Castillo can not remove the protagonist long. The relaxing action is very neat for FAR-Cry ratios very neat and sometimes even gloomy. You know many interesting characters, some of them even join the heart, but the guerrilla fight is merciless and losses inevitable. In the middle part of the game, the story suffers from the usual Open World problem that it comes to hangers and lengths in the narrative. Yara is divided into three major areas, in each other groupings with their own resources against the regime fight. Dani s task is to unite all these resistance fights under the banner of La Libertad.

Protagonist Dani Rochas is no longer just a lumber observer, as his predecessors, but actively participates in the plot. Source: PC Games The role of the protagonist is significantly better than in the former games in the events integrated. Dani is no longer a stupid viewer, but actively participates in the plot. For this you also leave the first-person view in intermediate sequences and can observe the action with Dani from the outside. Thus, Far Cry 6 manages excellently the emotional world of the protagonist significantly. This is especially important in the background that it succeeds in the story, not just a simple black and white to draw dictator against resistance. This becomes good through the different guerilla groups. The legends of 67 are, for example, a bunch of old rebels, which led a revolution against Anton Castillos father decades ago. They could overthrow them, but eventually the corrupt and broken system led that years later, the country fell into the hands of the Castillos later. With such experiences, one looks completely different to the current resistance than, for example, the young rebel group La Moral.

Thus, in the course of the action, it also shows that most of the guerrillas have no so right answer to the legitimate question of dictator Castillo, which should come after him. Now the plot certainly does not win an innovation prize, but it is pleasing that the story has more draft to offer than it is actually used to it. Only the end is unfortunately somewhat unsatisfactory. Race to country, water and in the air are among the varied side-time activities. Source: PC Games

World full of possibilities

Overall, history in the game assumes a higher position, which is also due to the implementation of the open game world. The developers seem to have a lot of emphasis that you do not lose useless in the diverse areas of Yara if you do not want that. Unlike previously, the map is completely uncovered from the beginning. The annoying climbing of towers is eliminated. Now you will not kill on the completely visible map but not from icons, as you can actually lived from many ubisoft games. Instead, only a few places such as their own headquarters and the next mission targets are drawn.

For example, to uncover interesting places of the game world, we can receive information from NPCs. Source: PC Games Other markings for military bases, checkpoints, boxes, side quests, treasure searches and various other side activities are entered only by your own discovery. Alternatively, indications in the game world can be collected in the form of posters, notes or informants, which gradually unlock interesting objects on the map. So who does not want to overright his card, can refrain from collecting these instructions. As a result, one acts significantly organic within the game world and is not only a card symbol after the other.

Of course, there is still a lot of minor activities. Fishing and hunting areas invite you to recreational sports, bases of the Yaranian army want conquered, treasures found and races are won. Most of it, however, is optional and is not tied to the nose as mentioned by the game. The fact that the player is to focus on his story becomes clear from the lack of any form of completion statistics. No display, what percentage of the game has been completed, no statistics about the number of completed secondary tasks. As the developers wanted to say: just go out and have fun.

Chaos is in our hands

The world of Yara itself has once again succeeded in developers. When building a harmonious game world, Ubisoft does not make anything like that. The main island of Yara is huge and despite the well-known Caribbean Settings to offer a lot of variety. The west on devoured guerrilla paths is the horse often the best means of transport. Source: PC Games The island is agriculturally shaped with huge tobacco plantations. In the center, mangrove sumps on the coast dominate as well as rugged Canyons inland. In the southeast, high mountains cover covered with tropical rainforest and heavy industry along the coasts. With the capital Esperanza in the north, the game in the series history also has a really big metropolis.

The landscapes are to be seen chic and especially in beautiful lighting moods such as sunsets or scarred fog weather is atmosphere. The optical representation, however, does not offer anything that you have not already seen. Compared to the two predecessors, the Dunia engine was hardly evolving noticeably. For next gene, there must be a more clear step forward in the successor.

Good is definitely that the developers have adopted the absolutely exaggerated chaos factor of the predecessors. In Far Cry 5 and New Dawn you usually could not go five meters without being entangled in any skirmish with opponents or the aggressive wildlife. Most things came together together. Fortunately, this was drastically reduced.

Sometimes you have it in your hands, how chaotic the game world is for oneself. we put all of our guns away, we can move relatively freely. When we enter not just a restricted zone, let us soldiers usually alone. Only if we stay too long in their vicinity which opponents draw gradually suspicion. In addition, Dani has a kind of wanted level. The more battles we us in a short time with soldiers, the more the regime is us on the heels. At the highest level are special forces after us because no unsheathed helps the weapons more. In this case it is to disappear and best in the wilderness submerge some time. Like a real guerrilla flat. The black-clad special forces of the regime are not quite as simple as the regular white troops of the dictator. Two have so directly in his face, is actually not a good idea. Source: PC Games


As such, it is natural to fight our day s work against the soldiers of the regime. Far Cry is 6 another first-person shooter through and through. From a wide range of firearms such as pistols, rifles, shotguns, sniper rifles and even bows we select up to three main weapons and a handgun that we carry with us at all times. Theoretically we have our entire collection of weapons here, because the equipment can always adjust in the game menu. The fun playing the game clearly highlighted. The developers put the player as few pieces as possible in the way.

A good sniper rifle with silencer is the best friend of every stealth player. Source: PC Games So did you look at any as well as from all forms RPG systems that have been tried in the predecessors adopted. No skill trees or Perklisten, no weapons that are cumbersome aufleveln needs or other experiments. A good decision, because basically this ballast has helped the games rarely actually. Only the procurement of new blunderbuss that are captured mainly in the distributed in the game world crates could be described more as a light RPG element. But even if you have not had the best weapons material at hand, the fight goes wonderfully catchy out of hand. The gunplay is excellent and allows different playing styles.

In addition to the Rambo method so again the completely silent approach is a viable option. For this we spy on our phone, the environment and mark enemies and important objects. we sneak up behind an enemy, it is silently switched off by Machetenangriff. From a distance we use, for example, the arc or a vehicle equipped with a silencer sniper rifle. However, we must be careful that soldiers did not discover the bodies of their comrades. Otherwise, a search for the culprit, and at worst even triggered the alarm.

Even the guerrilla

If we succeed to take a military base unseen, gives us not only an enormous satisfaction, there waving for even a few bonus resources. Materials such as metal, fuel, electrical components, plastics and much more can be otherwise collect throughout the game world. they are needed to upgrade systems of the game. Thus, for at a workbench all kinds of weapons with new components such as visors, muzzle attachments and special mods equipped for different functions. The system is quite kept simple and clear. So we need to be, for example, not only complicated the search for building plans and the like. We need only obtain the raw materials, then we are all options available.

At the workbench we transform resources found in useful upgrades and mods for our weapons. Source: PC Games In addition to the weapons we can also special vehicles equipped with exciting extras with the help of our raw materials. In addition to anywhere in the game world available vehicles, Dani can gather their own cars we equip them with defensive and offensive weapons, and some decorative material in the game four. These vehicles can then be anywhere in the game world summon. Particularly favorable, if no other set of wheels is far and wide to find. As more than a nice gimmick we have the tunebaren carts but not felt. Also, because the game otherwise holds an incredibly versatile range of vehicles on land, water and air that you want to try them all.

The expansion of the guerrilla camps appears much more meaningful. There are three large camps in the game, each include the different resistance groups in the individual regions of Yara. Here we can build two of each six different buildings. So we build a Cantina to exchange hunted meat against food with helpful buffs. When we build a hiding network, we will release access to observation items near large military camps. There we can then retrieve over a laptop explanation data about the relevant base. These buildings can be enhanced in three stages, which costs a whole lot of raw materials. Hardworking collect is worthwhile. Because with the expansion of the camps we make our lives as a guerrilla piece a bit easier. The Supremo backpacks are a fun complement to the Guerilla Weapon Arsenal. Source: PC Games

Supremos and Amigos

Incidentally, Dani not only finds weapons in the game world, but also various garments. These each have a special ability to reduce damage or the like, but no complex RPG value system. First and foremost, one decides especially for the visually appealing garment.

The Dachshundwurst Chorizo ​​is just cute. This can be used to distract opponents. Source: PC Games A special role in the equipment of our guerrilla occupies the so-called Supremo. This is an adventurally collapsed combat backpack with special functions. The first specimen we receive in the game is basically like a portable Stalin organ and sprouts a salve of rocket floors. Over the course of the game, other models with EMP function, poison gas sprayers or healing capabilities can be unlocked. An exciting appreciation of your own battle arms that can use the sheet at the right moment. Fortunately, the Supremo will never be too powerful by a pretty high cooldown.

Also not powerful, but pretty helpful can be the so-called Amigos. These are animal companions that support us in different ways. So we arrive very early in the game with the Patriotic Crocodile Guapo, who likes to eat soldiers of the dictator to eat. The small dachshund in the wheelchair Chorizo ​​impresses with his cuteness he uses to distract enemies. Battle cock Chicharron, on the other hand, is just about as much chaos as possible to pie. There are two more Amigos, but we let us discover yourself from spoiler reasons.

Two Dani are better than one

As usual since Far Cry 4, the fight for Yara can be experienced again in the two-player co-op. CrossSplay is unfortunately not possible, but at least cross gene. So it can be a player on the PS5 and the other on the PS4. It is not a problem if two players merge with different game progress. The game is always in the condition that corresponds to the progress of the host player. Somewhat irritating is only that two Dani Rojas rumen in the game world. In addition to the actual campaign and the open game world, the special missions are also of interest to co-op players. Although these special missions on separate cards can also be played alone, but are designed by different levels of difficulty, but above all on the cooperation of two players. Both players earn an additional currency that can be exchanged on the black market against weapons, decoitems and resources.

In the Ingame shop there are cosmetic items, but also to buy weapons against real money. Source: PC Games When it comes to additional currencies, we do not come around a few words about the naturally existing Ingame shop. Here so-called Far-Cry credits are used. Unfortunately, how they convert themselves into real money, we could not check yet because this area of ​​the store was not unlocked at the test center. Sold in the shop various costume packages, outfits for amigos, unique vehicles and even weapons. Also tools such as map information about all collection items and spray cans are offered. Last are needed for the individual design of weapons and equipment. Basically, the shop can be confidently ignored if you are not sharp to focus on a very cosmetic item. The fact that even isolated weapons are sold from high quality, at least one tasteless leaves, but does not really improve a single player game. Especially since there is more than enough alternatives in the game.

Finally, Far Cry 6 offers a fully packed package of exciting action, with an interesting history and a fantastic game world. We needed around 60 hours to the final credits. We also did a variety of side quests and other occupations, but it was in the end to do any lot. So if you want to see everything, you can relax easily for 20-30 hours. However, the beauty is above all that we have never bored during all the time or somehow annoyed the game. The developers cars no real experiments. The game does not really make something new. But what tries to achieve, he usually succeeds in very neat way. After the sometimes pretty pierced predecessors, it is also pleasant to see that the series can be even down to earth, gloomy and brutal, without falling completely in madness and chaos.

Opinion and rating

My opinion

Von Matthias Dammes
[Email Protected]

I ll be reconciled again with Far Cry.

After I almost insulted me Cry 5 with his stupid story in my intelligence, and New Dawn sick to even more places, I first approached the new part with a certain skepticism. There was a lot good in my eyes. What should I say, Far Cry 6 has delivered impressively. I like the game much better in many aspects than the predecessors. The story and its characters are interesting. It will not be as unrestrained in the crate of madness. Straight antagonist Anton Castillo makes much more than Joseph Seed, the twins and pagan min together. This may also be due to the excellent performance of Giancarlo Esposito. I like the gameplay that Ubisoft have designed your usual open-world elements subtle. The whole stuff on the map is still there, but he is no longer presented with the suggestion hammer. So during my almost 60 hours in the test never had the feeling for a long time to lose the big goal from the eyes. Advantage there is also that I still have to discover a lot after the credits and I ll surely spend one or the other hour on Yara.


























Pro Contra

Huge, pretty designed game world
Open-world with a lot to discover
Action-packed shootings with good gunplay
Stealth as a mature alternative
Large selection of weapons and vehicles
Markal and well-written antagonist
Story with exciting highlights
Gloomy and brutal narrative without clear black and white drawing
Protagonist an active part of the action
Funny secondary tasks like treasure search
No more trickier chaos
Amigos as a faithful companion
Extensive adjustment options for HUD and accessibility
Enormous scope (50-80h)
2-player co-op

Nothing groundbreaking new ones
End of the story something antique
Graphically hardly improvements
Opponent Ki sometimes introduces itself quite stupid
Real money Ingame shop with tastes
Smaller bugs and technical shortcomings


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