Xbox Game Pass New Games in October 2021

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Microsoft has introduced the next update for the Xbox Game Pass. In October, subscribers may look forward to more games for PC, XBox and the cloud. Several highlights are on the next few days. Among them back 4 Blood, which can be played directly to the launch with the Xbox Game Pass on the 12th of October. After a long wait, Destiny 2: Beyond Light now also for the PC in the offer. We have prepared you a list of all new additions including appointments below.

Xbox Game Pass / New Ends in October 2021

5 . October – Totally Accurate Battle Simulator / PC, Console and Cloud
7 . October – The Procession to Calvary / PC, Console and Cloud
7 . October – Visage / PC, Console and Cloud
12 . October – Back 4 Blood / PC, Console and Cloud
12 . October – Destiny 2: Beyond Light / PC
14 . October – Ring of Pain / PC, Console and Cloud
14 . October – The RiftBreaker / PC, Console and Cloud
15 . October – The Good Life / PC, Console and Cloud

Cloud Gaming (Beta) on PC Walkthrough | Xbox Game Pass Ultimate

In the middle of the month, however, some titles from the Xbox Game Pass will also disappear. A total of six games will no longer be available from 15 October. So you have to hurry something if you want to play one of these titles. Again, we have put together an overview for you.

Xbox Game Pass / Departures on October 15, 2021

Gonner2 / PC, console and cloud
Heave Ho / PC
Katana Zero / PC, Console and Cloud
Scourbinger / PC, console and cloud
Tales of Vesperia HD / PC and console
The Swords of Ditto / PC

Source: Microsoft

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