The Gameplay Trailer of Moonglow Bay shows the east coast of Canada

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Moonglow Bay will be officially launched on Xbox Game Pass on October 26 and Bunnyhug had just published the official trailer of the game. The overview gives fans a better overview of what they can expect once the game finally released.

Moonglow Bay - Official Gameplay Trailer | Day of the Devs 2021

The original trailer of the game did a great job to present the game, but this new video is a perfect presentation of other features included, as well as what players will do in the game. Moonglow Bay players can go on Their boats and try to catch the fish they can cook at home, as well as explore the picturesque city while making a much bigger and more developed place to play.

Every thing that Moonglow Bay players will help build the game, making all the tasks done both and at sea even more satisfactory once completed. They can donate new types of fish that they have caught at the museum, if they decide that they do not want to eat their grip.

The players will be busy exploring, cooking, fishing and making friendships, and the recently revealed trailer of Moonglow Bay has shown exactly what a day would look like in the area. You will meet mythical creatures that keep the inhabitants of the city awake at night , said the developers. It will use your fishing skills, but will put you a lot to the test. This feeling is shown in the trailer towards the end, with one of the characters by radio with an urgent message that said It is there something in the storm.

Moonglow Bay is located along the east coast of Canada at the time of the 1980s and will offer its players a diversified and emotionally charged gaming experience. Players will be beginner fishermen who struggle to achieve the last wish of their partner by keeping a floating business facing imminent bankruptcy.

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