Miitopia How to unlock the Elfenjob

From all jobs that you can unlock Mythopia , ELF is the only one behind a very specific requirement. The special requirement is fulfilled very late in your adventure, so eleven is generally not even involved in it. However, she should not stop it at all to pursue this job as it is a very strong support class that has many tricks to the sleeve. Since they can use the bow and the Raiass as preferred armor, they make a lot of work if necessary.

So unlock the Elfenjob in Miitopia

A spoiler alarm is here a breeze, as the elf, as already mentioned, is unlocked quite late in the game. In fact, that would be an understatement. To unlock eleven in all its splendor, you must literally beat the game first by defeating the Dark Lord. And we are not even ready.

After completing the game, unlock certain areas after the game. The Uncharted Galados are one of them. If you defeat the Replica Dark Lord who is there, you will not have access to the Elfenzauber, which unlocks the Elfenjob the next visit to a guest house.

This is a lot of work that is needed to get just a new job, and consider that you have clarified pretty much everything that the game has to offer at this time, it is questionable whether it is worthwhile . This is all about you and what you plan with the game after you reach this condition. Miitopia is a great and entertaining role-playing game that you can spend your free time. Since you also unlock a lot of new group members after the game, you may want to try to create some exciting new group setups, including eleven. If your cup is tea, you can do so and use the support functions of ELF in full.

Mythopia is available on the Nintendo Switch. Further information about the game can be found in the remaining instructions here.

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