Xbox gives you a date and price to the mini refrigerators of the X series

Do you remember all the memes that came out of the xbox series x when Microsoft revealed its design at The Game Awards 2019 ? One of the most popular was that this new console looked like a refrigerator, so Microsoft decided to take advantage of all this momentum, and in June of this year they announced that the mini refrigerators of X would be available to the Sale for the general public. Well, we already know exactly when they are going to leave and how much they will cost.

Through a new publication at the official news site of Xbox , it was revealed that these mini refrigerators will be available in December of this year for a cost of $ 99 dollars. Those interested can be set aside from October 19.

The bad news is that, at least for now, Mexico is not within the countries that will receive this product at the end of the year. According to Microsoft , the mini refrigerator of series x will only be available this year in the following territories:

  • USA

  • France

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– Germany

  • Italy

  • Ireland.

  • Spain

  • Holland

  • Poland.

But quiet, they promised that this list will increase by 2022, so do not lose hope yet.

Editor s note: Well, nobody believed that it would happen but yes, Microsoft turned meme into a reality. The bad news is that we do not know if these products will also be sold here in Mexico, although considering the strong brand presence that Xbox has in our region, it may eventually be able to buy them here.

Source: Xbox News


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