Unprofessional quality for comfort and good sound value test epos h6pro

Still a deprivation of a decade ago, Life of High-Qualified Game Prints was somewhat awkward. The supply was enough, but in a multi-book selection, and especially the different manufacturers connection styles were severed to overwhelmet, especially as a more console user. And it is not always enough for the player from the vision of the player, that the voices are only allowed to belong: their own speech must also take on the waves of the waves to other ears, which creates their own challenges for compatibility.

Thanks to the console manufacturers slow but Varma s evolution, nowadays, the job will last to be praised effortlessly in practice every platform. At its simplest one, it is enough, as long as you hit the peak to catch the driver to a 3.5-pin port. It only only needs to find it as well as as possible to your own taste with a huge selection.

Uuunituoreti test came to EPOS H6Pro, a very salty 180 euro price specifically for simple quality consumers – and without denying in their goal of power well.

largely non-discriminatory

In the elegant packaging, you will find out very quickly that no point is unnecessary. In addition to the headset, the package will reveal only 3.5 mill plug-in wires for PC and console use, cover plate for removable mikki and minimalist printing performance. There is no need to browse that magazine, as long as you turn on the hint to stick to the desired device and all is ready.

Externally, fairly aspects show headphones felt at the same time at the same time both sturdy and sufficiently light. The details critically by reasoning did not make plastic high utilization cause joystocks, but the level of finishing of the main components is clearly more important than the presence of an appearance. This means additional attention, for example, to braids, high-quality cushions and magnets, highly firmly firmly firmly fabricated to the microphone boom.

In Sango, it is sufficient to adjust to a bigger main home, which is not always self-evident in all similar products. The only actual adjustment is controlled by the level of volume. The place of the large and embossed roller does not have to be switched on, but the volumes rise and fall literally at the turn of the hand.

escape from a bad noise

H6PRO is sold as well as traditional closed structurally used closed versions and open structural open models. The EPOS markets the first option for the test specifically as a suitable alternative to racing when possible disturbance tones are strictly excluded from concentrating on interference.

CLOSED model in the name of purely entertainment on purely entertainment is a closed model. Surrounding the sound sources will undoubtedly displeased quite efficiently, which may cause indignation in residences. In a longer way, the ears still do not heat up – at least because of physical strain. The cups seated up to be perplexed well in place without pressure or discomfort.

sound to the epochin s laar

The most important and really the most important feature of the headphones and the only characteristic is naturally the sound quality. For their own shelves, the controls have accumulated so Turtle Beach, JBL, Astrolta and Sony and Microsoft s official models. Epos s novelties are ranked at this very subjective reference scale there for the tip of the bush.

The sound world could be described simply by the word balanced. Everything will repeat exactly from the bottom of the spectrum until the upper register, even if it is reluctant. For example, Basrapol works firmly but not in any way overlooked unlike in many specifically for shooter models. The absence of additional adjustment options is likely to be a key factor, as the headphones are clearly designed to work under all circumstances. A prompt robbing to the side of the music felt revealed that novelty does not have to be ashamed in Sara.

During the test session, several games found new atmospheric background sounds that have not been listed on other bouids or especially the home theater. Sure This is partly due to the test situation. And the badness of the H6Pro is not in the mercilessive world of shooting games, as due to the most convenient distinction, the enemy s performance direction is quickly and accurately sensitive. PlayStation 5 s eagerly marketed 3D Audio can also reach its rights, for example, listening to the surrounding rainbow of returnal, or in the odds of the DEATH STRANDING DIRECTOR S CUT. Regardless of the game and console, it is difficult to come up with the playback of the sound samples.

Turning or even a completely removable microphone is also high quality, and the voice sound is clearly transmitted. The only negative feedback became a background alarm with a bit of unnecessary henac picking, which is not even noticeable because of tight attenuation.

simply works

H6PRO even in a certain way, an intravenous investment in high-quality and balanced sound production is probably the only stumbling block. Many players love when there is enough adjustable or sexy sounding features in the covers. Of these, it is useless to look for any extra. Many may ask the marketing shelving that why pays nearly 200 euros for a very reduced and ridiculous package when competitors offer a lot of longer listing delicacies to the same money.

However, if the key is a very well-seated and very sounding entity, which simply acts regardless of the situation – here is one of the best options.


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