Sons of the Forest announced at Game Awards

At The Game Awards, EndNight Games unveiled their next following the Forest, Sons of the Forest. The game will continue the horror atmosphere mixed with the survival gameplay that The Forest has set up in 2014. The title has no confirmed platform or date of exit but apparently, it will end at least on PC. Because The Forest has had a three-year early access phase, it is likely that Sons of the Forest will also benefit from early access processing.

Although the trailer The Game Awards essentially confirms the horror themes and the gameplay survival elements seen in The Forest, we do not currently know if the crafts will play an important role as it did in The original. Because The Forest has been so successful, it is likely that the forests of the forest will build on all the first title set up to bring back lost players and new players. The trailer has a disturbing tone before anything happens but before ending, the frightening mutants who are familiar to the series printed the person s character. Discover the frightening trailer below:

Apparently, Sons of the Forest will include more weapons than the original title, with more concentration on cooperation. Two characters are shown through the jungle together in the trailer, but we do not know if it s another person controlled by a player or an allied IA, but anyway, EndNight Games seems to focus more on The dynamics of the team in the continuation of The Forest. We do not know exactly how, but EndNight Games has made the mutants of The Forest even more frightening.

Are you excited for Sons of the Forest or are not you a fan of The Forest? What was your favorite world preferred to Game Awards? Let us know in the comments below!

Source: Gaming Bolt


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