CENTURY AGE OF ASHES will arrive at Wing Tire on Consoles in 2022

Advertised in large pumps during the last Game Awards, the free-to-play Century: Age of Ashes has moved several times in the course of the year, chained beta and anticipated access before setting its output on PC at 2 December next. The console and mobile versions will arrive very quickly then.

The Studio Bordelais Playwings has confirmed the marketing of versions for Xbox One, Xbox Series, PS4 and PS5, in addition to a mobile edition for the year 2022. All with Cross Play but also a transverse progression that will allow players to keep fighting out of their houses. In addition, it will be possible to switch from a PC version to a unhindered console version.

As a reminder, CENTURY: AGE OF ASHES offers you to participate in online dragon riding games and arena, in three game modes that go from three to three or six against six. Playwings also announced three classes at the gameplay different (to which other classes will come from). And the studio promises that the purchases in-game will be confined to cosmetics.


CENTURY: AGE OF ASHES – Trailer Exit Date


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