Fortnite analysis for PC

Winner of awards such as The Game Awards 2018, Teen Choice Awards, Game Critics Awards and be considered by the experts as the video game , Fortnite has exceeded 125 million players . Here we share all the details of the analysis for your version for PC .


Although it seems lies, the only secret to reaching Victory in Fortnite is recruiting a group of survivors, preparing a shelter and fighting with the monsters that appear at night. Only the best strategists will survive up to the next attack. But how can you get this complicated adventure much easier?

The game is available for xbox one and PLAYSTATION 4 , as well as for operating system mobiles Android or io s, mac and, yes, as You can imagine, just as accessible for a PC.

Obviously, one of the main differences between the versions mobile, consoles and pc , is the gameplay, that is, the control system in each of the platforms is, by its nature , very different. The control of the game with a touch screen is very different from that of a mouse and a keyboard. This detail can condition a lot of players and their performance, so it is very interesting to establish with which management system each one more feels comfortable.

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If we go along the path of the predefined game system at Telephones and Tablets We must create new habits especially in times of more action and during combats, it will be obviously more complicated. For example, making random movements to help you in during the shootings will be more difficult, since the jump button is placed a bit far from the rest. The construction on its part is quite intuitive when playing with a touch screen , and many players may find it even more practical than when using a mouse on PC .

The Gamer mouse just like the keyboard fulfills a really substantial function in this game, since in order to hit the movement strategy, the cursor movement is needed, that is why the greater sensitivity, faster and concrete will be actions on the screen. In fact, the role of accessories such as: mouse, keyboard and gaming chair provide the necessary conditions to increase the experience of the game.

In the case of the Gamer mouse has the DPI configuration, which gives great sensitivity to the device . This feature can separate us from victory , so be sure to tune to 800 or 400 A 450 . The lower, greater control; while the keyboard , it facilitates us the management of Fortnite commands on PC. These can be changed at any moment by opening the menu Settings and then entering INPUT .

As you realize, fortnite is not a game that requires too much technical support Unlike others contemporary titles , but much precision to save your survivors. The interesting thing is that Epic Games, a creator of the game, introduces new content with new challenges, which keep the player always expectant and stuck to the console or PC, where he wants to play. You must bear in mind that a thousandth of a delay could mean the difference between winning or losing the duel.


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