Would it be a dia hot air Diablo Emo Korean Private Beta 25th

[Data provided: Blizzard Entertainment]

CBT will start in Korea on the 25th.

Korean private beta participants are scheduled to be selected for a randomly selected and beta starts on the Google Play Store pre-reservation. They experience six occupational plays, including the newly introduced Code of Conduct, as well as the challenges of immersed, the challenge of immortal, the battlefield, hell-based and set items, Controller support, which is a function that has been requested through existing tests, can also be seen in advance.

This private beta is scheduled to be held for a few weeks to experience the end of the game and feedback on the end of the game over sufficient time.

Details and specific schedules related to test participants are scheduled to be announced later.

The Diablo Moat, a team, is awarded the opportunity to participate through two beta tester disclosure events to reward the hot response that domestic players showed during the prior private alpha period.

In the Never Games Lounge, a total of 6,000 employees begin with a total of 6,000 private beta participation authority. If you are 18 years of age or older, you can apply for anyone. For more information, including how to participate in each event, can be found through related blog post.

This impression of Korean private beta supports Korean text and voice. However, it is a policy to enhance the localization completeness in accordance with the initial version of the development in progress.

Meanwhile, the recruitment of Diablo Most> supporters, which performs public relations activities such as community content planning and production related to , will continue until 11th.

Diablo 3: Beta - Ep. 11 - Barbarian: In Depth

In addition to the selected supporters, all selected supporters are provided with a variety of benefits and permissions, such as a mentoring session, a mentoring session with a supporters activity certificate, an excellent supporters awards, Blizzard Entertainment and an <Diablo Mother, Blizzard Entertainment, and a Diablo Mother, and Welcome Kit. More information on emoticon supporters can be found in related blog.

is a large multi-user online mobile game that allows you to play with the depth of the Diablo series, which is the franchise of Blizzard Entertainment, which defines a genre called Action RPG Game.

is a game that is still in development, and the game contents of private beta can be changed without notice. In addition, both events are possible, but it is not duplicated for more players participation opportunities.


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