Only AC now Far Cry Ubisoft wants action

With Assassins s Creed Infinity Ubisoft dares a big step. The Open World series should get a live service character in the future. And the Publisher apparently does not want to stop. With Far Cry, the next franchise could experience a big change for all players.

Will Far Cry a live service game?

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Only in July Ubisoft had taken care of Assassin s Creed for a surprise with an announcement. The popular series will be a completely new game in the future in a large live service cosmos and do without the classic single player existence.

And apparently, the publisher wants to take this concept for further successful ranks. Nearest candidate will probably become the popular Far Cry.

In a new report, the departure of Far-Cry-Frontmann Dan Hay is discussed and cut the spicy future of the action series. Hay has been working on a successor to Far Cry 6 and Ubisoft intends to release this as Live Service Game. (Source: Games beat)

Whether it could be a main part of the series or a spin-off is not yet known.

Far Cry and AC often shine with their impressive, open worlds. The following picture track shows you on which fantastic open-world games you can look forward to 2022:

Do you have a free-to-play model fear?

For live service games shrill for many playing the alarm bells. Because often such games use a free-to-play model with microtransactions. But Ubisoft has already given at Assassin s Creed Infinity all-clear — the game will not be free-to-play. (Source: GamesRadar)

Accordingly, the opportunities are great that even a FAR-CRY offshoot with the same concept could be a full price title.

If you have not explored the last part of the action series, you can watch Far Cry 6 at Amazon:

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Ubisoft has a lot with the Far-Cry series. The fanblebling could already go through a big change with the next offshoot and become a live service game. The publisher has already shown the announcement to AC Infinity that the journey is probably in this direction in the long term.


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