The New Year s End Game Event The Game Awards 2021 will announce a new game for two digit game Jeff Kerry also references to the handling of the topic NFT utilization game

The Game Awards are a yearly honor event that profits services in the computer system game market. At the festivities are additionally ideas of brand-new titles and comprehensive seek to see already announced games. The shows are produced and also moderated by Geoff Kafka, that has actually worked for over 10 years on its precursor, the Spike Computer Game Awards.

Epic Games Interview with the founder and organizer of The Game Awards Jeff Curie. Among them, he says the size of THE GAME AWARDS 2021 and the handling of NFT.

In articles entitled Jeff Kiley s THE GAME AWARDS 2021 and the Details of the Future A part of the schedule on the day is revealed.

5 BOLD Predictions For The 2021 Game Awards
Specifically, 40 to 50 games will be introduced specifically about the scale of this year s event. Furthermore, the number of announcements is also said to be two digits for new games.

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In addition, we refer to measures such as mask wearing, vaccination mandatory, vaccination mandatory, and employment number half reduction. Furthermore, Steam refuses the EPIC Games Store also touched the welcome NFT (non-alternative token) and says that I do not intend to do.


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