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A newsreader is an application program that checks out posts on Usenet distributed throughout newsgroups. Newsreaders act as customers which attach to an information web server, using the Network News Transfer Method (NNTP), to download short articles as well as upload new articles. Along with text-based short articles, Usenet is also made use of to disperse binary documents, normally in dedicated binaries newsgroups.
The term newsreader is occasionally (erroneously) utilized reciprocally with information aggregator. Newsreaders that aid customers to stick to the established conventions of Usenet, called netiquette, are assessed by the Great Net keeping Seal of Approval (GN KSA).

For Cyber ​​Month, the German Usenet Provider Usenet in November has an offer for its service at the start. This consists of a 14-day free test access including 30 GB data volumes and then accessed by 50 percent in the price access via the Rock star + package. The package includes a data volume of 80 GB per month. The term is one year. Instead of 9.95 euros a month, the package then costs 4.98 euros a month. In the test period, the offer can be terminated at any time. The offer is still running until November 30th.

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What is Usenet?

The Usenet is a global digital network founded in 1979 by American students as an alternative to the ARPANET, a precursor of today s Internet. The name Usenet stands for Unix User Network and is divided into over 200,000 newsgroups in which users exchange themselves for a variety of themes and content. Over 30,000 terabyte content of different nature is available in Usenet, including audio or video content in addition to the discussions. Access takes place via newsreader or via software solutions of the providers who offer access.

Every day, thousands of news and content are added in Usenet. Every newsgroup deals with another topic. In order to clear this tremendous amount of data clearly, the Usenet is hierarchically structured. Most of all newsgroups is the parent hierarchies Comp., Soc., Sci., Humanities., Misc., News., REC. and old. Subordinate. USENET CYBER-MONTH DEAL: 50 percent discount on Usenet access (1) Source: Usenet
For unrestricted access you need access to a paid Usenet provider. Then you enter your login data with a newsreader, which represents the search engine for the Usenet. Most newsreader, such as Holmes or Momentum, are available free of charge.

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This offers Usenet

As a market-leading provider in the European room, Usenet has been offering its customers premium access to Usenet for almost 20 years.

The features of Usenet:

• Up to 800 Mbps download speed
• Do not save the IP address & 256-bit SSL encryption
• German and English-speaking customer service with top awards
• Usenet Trustpilot Rating: 4.6 out of 5 stars (at 700 reviews)
• over 4600 days of retention time (10+ years)

Retention Time is an important quality and decision criterion when choosing the appropriate Usenet provider. It provides information about how long a message or file is available in the newsgroups and stays stored there. A long terminal time means that contributions in Usenet can be found longer, read and downloaded.

The access works

For the offer you simply log in to Usenet and gets its personal access data. The data volume is then available now. Usenet offers access to Usenet to seek discussions and content after discussions and content, the user needs a free newsreader. These newsreader can be used on the PC in the browser or as downloaded application. Examples of these newsreader are called USENET, for example, Easy news, Holmes, Momentum or Sand. USENET CYBER-MONTH DEAL: 50 percent discount on Usenet access (2) Source: Usenet

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The user does not have to set itself on a newsreader at USENET. He can use and test several simultaneously at the same time. The newsreader then stores the access data.

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