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The Nintendo Switch is a video clip game console established by Nintendo, for which games are launched both in physical and also electronic layouts. Physical games are sold on cartridges that port right into the Switch console unit. Digital games are bought with the Nintendo shop and also kept either in the Switch s internal 32 GB of storage or on a Microsoft card. The Switch has no local lockout features, openly allowing games from any kind of region to be played on any type of system, with the exemption of Chinese game cards released by Tencent that play only on gaming consoles distributed by Tencent. Switch games are provided throughout five web pages as a result of technical constraints. There are presently 4254 games throughout these 5 lists:

Checklist of Nintendo Switch games (0– 9 and A).
Checklist of Nintendo Switch games (B).
List of Nintendo Switch games (C– G).
List of Nintendo Switch games (H– P).
List of Nintendo Switch games (Q– Z) Not consisted of in the main list are:.

Nintendo Switch Online games.
Gallery Archives games.
Sega Ages games.
G-Mode Archives gamester related checklists include:.

List of very successful Nintendo Switch computer game.
Checklist of cancelled Nintendo Switch games.

Already before the Black Friday you can buy at Amazon games for the Nintendo Switch in the offer significantly cheaper.

The big Deal tag Black Friday is only on November 26, 2021, but there is already early Black Friday offers at Amazon. Underneath you will not only find gaming headsets from Corsair at the best price, but also some games for Nintendo Switch at a very good price.

Unfortunately, how long the switch games are on offer is not known.

Early Black Friday Deals at Amazon

8 Games for Nintendo Switch on offer

Price at checkout: For all games, the offer price is only to be seen at the cash register of Amazon. However, there is already on the product page how much Euro discount you receive. All prices are current best prices for the games.

Therefore, the offers are good: Although prices of more than 40 euros for partially four-year-old games are not normally considered good, they are still in the case of the Nintendo Switch. Switch games are very priced and there is not too often cheaper in the deal. Usually not with big discounts. Accordingly, the current offers are definitely worth a look at Amazon.

In no Nintendo Switch collection is missing Super Mario Odyssey. The 3D adventure was able to earn the outstanding rating of 95 points in the Gamer test and is thus a masterpiece. At Amazon, you will now get the Mario game for only 40.93 euros and thus at the current lowest price.

Super Mario Odyssey for 40.93 euros
The Legend of Zelda: Link s Awakening for 40.93 euros
The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the game for 46.27 euros

Are you also interested in topics related to Nintendo Switch Games?

Mario Kart 8 Deluxe for 41.83 euros
Ring Fit Adventure for 55.17 euros
Metro id dread for 44.49 euros
Luigi s Mansion 3 for 40.93 euros
Super Monkey Ball Banana Mania Launch Edition for 31.99 euros

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Games of the Nintendo Switch on offer

Nintendo Switch Pro Controller to the current best price

Also, cheaper you get in the Amazon offer the Nintendo Switch Pro Controller. This costs only 52.50 euros in the deal. The controller is characterized by its ergonomic design. He is very good in the hand and is also handy. Furthermore, it is highly processed and offers all keys important for the Nintendo Switch.

You can use it wirelessly or with cable. Especially in shooter games at the switch, the per controller is very pleasant.

Buy Nintendo Switch Pro Controller

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