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Susan Metropolitan City and Pusan ​​Information Industry Promotion Agency shall hold 2021 GTA Cup e-sports festivals in Susan E-Sports Stadium (Arena) with the Gustav Organizing Committee from 19 to 21.

Esports Stadium Arlington Debuts

The event is linked to the Gustav, and it will proceed to three themes. On the 19th, the Talk Show of Moon Ho, who holds the Kart rider E Sports Competition, He is active with his player retirement after retirement of Cart Rider Proposal, and conveys its anecdote in the Talk Show. Then, Kim Tae-hyun, who is active as a streamer, opens the competition with his visitors.

On 20 days, Minecraft Arena Design Olympiad is held. The Sandbox belongs to the private broadcasting host of Toni, Goa & Spring, and Jar. They proceed with the elementary school student children and parents and Minecraft experience events visited on the site.

21 opens the competition to participate in parents and elementary school students. The stock is a cart rider, an infinite stair, and a most dance. Subsequently, the sandbox belongs edges have a communication event.

For students who won the Arena Design Olympiad, the Pusan ​​Information Industry Promotion Agency, Family E Sports Triathlon Winner, the Gustav Organizational Committee is awarded, and the awards are presented according to the ranking.

Books go to the interpark ticket until November 16, and there is a limitation of date by date.

E-sports to communicate with influenza, fans, and family members, said Susan Information Industry Promotion Agency, said, I will try to provide an opportunity to experience.

Meanwhile, this year, Jesse is held in Susan, from November on November 21 to 21.


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