Back 4 Blood is too difficult it will continue to be updated looking to be challenging but fair

Ubisoft (previously FBI Soft Entertainment) is a French video game development, publishing and also distribution company, developed in March 1986 by the 5 Brothers Guillemot, coming from Cancers in Mobian, France. Ubisoft is holding many effective franchises such as Rayman, The Cretin Rabbits, Royal Prince of Persia, Assassin s Creed, Far Cry, Watch Dogs, Simply Dance and Tom Clancy. The business has actually expanded by transposing its video game franchise business in the areas of comics since 2009 with the 2 kingdoms and cinema as well as TV because 2011 with its subsidiary Ubisoft Motion Photo.

On October 12 it came to our hands Back 4 Blood, the new video game of Turtle Rock Studios that takes us back to direct confrontation against hordes of zombies. The game continues to receive content as part of its strategy for the months close to its premiere, but continues to deal with a problem that have not yet been able to resolve.

It is about high difficulty. Since the study they have made some adjustments that reduced the frustration of the players, but it is not enough if we serve what they comment. And, according to its responsible, the problems and bugs that arise in the items are causing the game more difficult than expected.

The difficulty needs to be fair; We want it to be challenging Turtle Rock Studios The difficulty needs to be fair, explain in a post on Reddit. We want tension, we want it to be challenging, we want you to feel that adrenaline when you get to a safe area with a horde step on your heels, but we do not want it to be unjustable. That is our mission.

To meet the objective, in the study they promise to find the right balance through periodic adjustments in card systems, the enemy reappearance system, the behavior of artificial intelligence and other facets that affect the gameplay. Therefore, with each new update Iran offering details about the corrections they are carrying out.

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The successor of Left 4 Dead came just over a month ago to PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One and Xbox Series X | S. In 3DGEGOS we were able to review it with its launch, and in our analysis of Back 4 Blood, Carlos Gallegos assures that it is a tremendously versatile title, with very entertaining shooting mechanics and a satisfactory experience whether we look at his cooperative component as if we focus on his Competitive component.

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