NFL Week 10 Recaps highlights results and all information on week 10

The Green Bay Packers have two superstar quarterbacks made a historic shutout in returning. The Patriots vermöbelten the Browns, the Cowboys destroyed the Falcons and the Lions have nevertheless not lost for the first time. Week 10 of the NFL also saw disgrace the Buccaneers.

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NFL Recaps Week 10 2021

Bye Week: Chicago Bears, Cincinnati Bengals, Houston Texans, New York Giants

The game of the week

Green Bay Packers (8-2) — Seattle Seahawks (3-6)

Result: 17: 0 (0: 0, 3: 0, 0: 0, 14: 0) Box score

The Green Bay Packers have returned with the return of Aaron Rodgers of the Covid-IR back to winning ways. In snowy Lambeau Field crowd was anything but offered as a firework.

It did to five minutes in the fourth quarter before the Packers managed to achieve the first touchdown of the game — running back AJ Dillon wore the leather from 3 yards into the end zone. Previously, Crosby had sunk a field goal from 27 yards in the second quarter. Dillon also scored the second touchdown of the game in the final two minutes of the game to the final score.

Missed the beginning of the game Packers kicker Mason Crosby a field goal attempt just before the break the Packers were stopped at a fourth trial and the Seahawks, where Russell Wilson after weeks of break also returned, failed with a Hail Mary in the closing seconds of the first half — after a questionable holding penalty a field goal opportunity was thwarted.

Wilson again not yet appeared in top form again after his finger fracture. He seemed to have trouble throwing the ball with full control, which led to some inaccurate passes. He also made two interceptions in the second half — both in the end zone. The first happened in the Red Zone, the second with a deep ball. Directly in return to the first, however, also threw an interception Rodgers in the Red Zone.

The Packers won the game though, but must worry about running back Aaron Jones, the end of the third quarter with a knee injury had to get out. An accurate diagnosis is still pending.

Relevant Historically, this result is also because it was the first shutout of the Seahawks since Russell Wilson s debut in 2012 — in his 150th game for Seattle.

Dallas Cowboys (7-2) — Atlanta Falcons (4-5)

Result: 43: 3 (7: 3, 29: 0, 7: 0, 0: 0) Box score

The performance of the Cowboys last week may have been disappointing against the Falcons to Dallas but rehabilitated again — more than that! The hosts dominated the game in every aspect and stood at halftime actually already a winner is determined.
Alone in the first half DAK Prescott brought on 18 of his 23 passes for 219 yards and two touchdowns, especially Needed Lamb began again important balls in Third Downs or in the end zone. At the score of 28: 3 (Falcons fans are likely to remember the result) blocked Dallas before the break, then even a punt and scored so another touchdown. Game over.
Matt Ryan was not in the game and could not confirm the positive impressions from the previous weeks hence. The quarterback of the Falcons threw two interceptions — one of them on Trevor Riggs, his eighth of the season — and was eventually replaced in view of the huge residue by Josh Rose. However, for highlights of this could not provide more.
One of the winners of the game thus undoubtedly Dan Quinn. The former head coach of the Falcons had to take his hat and was subsequently came as defensive coordinator for the Cowboys under. With only three approved points and two forced turn-overs he celebrated a real Revenge Game!

Tennessee Titans (8-2) — New Orleans Saints (5-4)

Result: 23:21 (3: 0, 10: 6, 7: 6, 3: 9) Box score

Please defeat for New Orleans in Tennessee. In the end decided little things about victory and defeat. An interception of Ryan Tanneries in the opposing end zone was repelled after a very questionable Roughing-the-Passer call, just before the end, the Saints had the chance at the status of 21:23, at least to offset by his two-point conversion. However, a false start forced the guests to play a play of the 7-yard line. The passport attempt at Mark Ingram did not succeed.
Trevor Simian played a well-respected to game for the saints. The quarterback moved the ball offensively well, came to 8.8 yards per passport and two touchdowns without a turnover. Mark Ingram posted 47 rushing yards and thus became the All-Time Leading Rusher in the history of the Saints.
An extremely questionable decision Sean Payton met in the fourth quarter. At a Fourth Down from the one-yard line, the coach made the Field Goal at the stand of 12:23 and thus shortened to an eight-point residue. Although New Orleans actually gave a touchdown shortly thereafter, the team had to bring the ball into the end zone at a two-point conversion into the end zone. Since they could have played the Fourth Down earlier?
At the Titans, the success in the running game without Derrick Henry kept in limits. Neither d onto foreman nor Adrian Peterson or Jeremy Munich could provide great space gains. A breakout game was celebrating offensive Receiver Marcus Johnson, who came to five catches for 100 yards. In the defense, the own pass-rush once again convinced very much.

Indianapolis Colts (5-5) — Jacksonville Jaguars (2-7)

Result: 23:17 (17: 6, 3: 3, 0: 0, 3: 8) Box score

Not even the first quarter was played, the game was already decided between the Colts and the Jaguars: after a Punt Block Touchdown, Jonathan Taylor increased with a touchdown run to 17: 0. But the encounter should actually be exciting again.
Immediately afterwards, Jamal Agnew achieved the first touchdown for the Jaguars when he received a jet sweep hand off of Lawrence and carried the ball over 66 yards into the opposing end zone. Kicker Matthew Wright put on the extra point next to it, but travel a Field Goal from 56 yards away from the break.
The offense of the colts revealed extremely much sand in the gear after their good start to the game. The drives after the 17-0 lead for Indy: Three-and-out, Three-and-out, Three-and-Out, Field Goal, Punt, Three-and-Out, Punt and a Three-and-Out. After the strong appearance against the bills, the defense of the Jaguars was thus convinced this week.
Two minutes before the end, the Jaguars even had the chance to win the game with a touchdown at their last drive. At a scramble attempt, Trevor Lawrence lost the ball for 50 seconds before the end of the hands. Kimono Tray secured the egg, the game was over.

New England Patriots (6-4) — Cleveland Browns (5-5)

Chiefs vs. Raiders Week 10 Highlights | NFL 2021
Result: 45: 7 (7: 7, 17: 0, 7: 0, 14: 0) Box score

What an idea of ​​the Patriots! As in the best Tom-Brady days, they rolled off his opponent over their opponents and also performed defensively absolutely dominant. Browns must have fallen unpleasant questions after this appearance. The competition in the AFC NOT also stumbled, but in this form Cleveland is not a candidate on the Division title.
Mac Jones made his best play in the NFL so far and crowned the Secondary of the Browns with several targeted passports practically problem-free, especially John Johnson was always attacked. Jones threw three touchdown passes and was allowed to take a premature work time, Brian Homer came into play for him.
Behind a dominant offensive line could also brill ate Rhamondre Stevenson. The rookie was allowed to run 20 times in the absence of Damien Harris (concussion) and used his chance well: Stevenson came to 100 yards and two touchdowns. Also, a Feelgood story: Jacobi Meyers finally started his first touchdown in the NFL, before, he had remained 134 catches in series without score.
On the pages of the Brown s wobbled Baker Mayfield Meanwhile Brutal Mayfield threw a pick into the arms of Kyle Dagger and had for two, three other passports lucky that there were no more interceptions. After a hit by Matthew Judo, Mayfield had to be the field in the second half of the field, apparently pulled himself a knee injury and was replaced by Case Keenum. D Ernest Johnson ran in the absence of Nick Chubb and Co. although E

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