New World New Weapon Unheils gauntlets is really strong ideal for solo

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With the next update bekommtNew World, the first new weapon since release. The disaster cuffs (Void Gauntlet) mix while healing and damage abilities together. This makes them not only strong for healers, but especially for solo players in the open world. Mango editor Alexander Latch has already tried out on the PTR.

What is it exactly for a weapon? The disaster warmers are a magic weapon, but scaled with the attributes of intelligence with concentration. So far, only the life bar with concentration, making the weapon directly of interest to every healer scaled.

Overall, the disaster cuffs attach importance to CC, a lot of self-healing and acceptable damage. This makes them particularly interesting for solo players in the open world, who often times problems with its life points.

We provide you the skills and the ideal application range of the weapon accurately before.

When the weapon appears? You want to appear with the big update this week. More about the update you learn here: New World: Update 1.0.6 comes this week — What we know from the patch notes?

Who is speaking? Alexander Latch is the MMORPG expert on Mango and has already invested over 200 hours in New World. On the test server he has experimented around 3 hours of the new weapon, and also exchanged views with some players on the disaster cuffs.

The six skills in the preview

The new weapon offers you two skill trees — extinction and decay. Both trees have damage skills and useful effects on the subject of healing it. Important in healing, however, is that they scaled only with concentration. Who plays a build with a lot of intelligence, will not benefit as much from the healing.

Also, curious: Your loses life when you want to block. This is called Essence harvest and is a special effect of the weapon. You do not really block, but be transformed by life points MANA by. With certain passive effects you get less damage from Essence harvest and even can use it to reduce your cooldowns.

The disaster cuffs so rather make a point that it evades or gets back on Life steal life than that you defend yourselves with blocking.

What is extinction?

The ability disaster blade transforms your auto-attack from a ranged to melee attack. This lasts 15 seconds and has a CD of 25 seconds. You can then use light and heavy attacks, each attack for the rebuff decay makes. Expiration additional 5% weapon damage over 8 seconds and can be stacked up to 3x. By passive effects you can also gain, get 10% additional Critical damage and 5% Life steal by decay.
The ability void generates a 5 m field around you, in which their causes 30% weapon damage per second. The field holds 6 seconds, and gives you and allies in empowerment. Through further passive effects get enemies weakness and you and your allies gain +15 Stamina per second.
The ability Petrified cry is a ranged attack that causes 100% of weapon damage and rooted opponent for 2 seconds. By passive effects it extends the root length and gets gain for each enemy hit.
The ultimate passive ability at the end gives you with each hit an ability a stack evil essence. At 6 stacks they are used up, and you get an aura that enemies inflicting 30% weapon damage within and allies heals 30% of weapon damage. This effect lasts for 5 seconds and has 20 seconds CD.

There are also passive effects by causing you more damage (+ 10% damage at less than 50% MANA, 10% higher CRT chance with more than 50% of life), as well as an ability to self-healing (For a critical hit will get you 15% of the damage as healing).

What is decay?

The ability of expiry sphere fires an unstoppable ball that causes 100% weapon damage and causes decay. Expiration causes 5% additional weapon damage over 8 seconds and can be stacked up to 3x. As soon as the ball has reached the maximum range, she transforms into a healing ball and returns to you. It heals by 20% of the weapon damage per second.
Through passive effects you will receive 5% MANA with every enemy goal, enemies are slowing down, and you get a new option. As soon as you press the ability button again, the ball explodes. Depending on the stage, she causes damage or healing allies.
The ability of uncanny shackles binds you to an opponent. Every second, it is weakened by 4% and strengthened by 4% (maximum 20%). The shackles break off if you drive more than 15 meters apart. Through passive effects, you get extra manaregeneration, as long as the shackles are active, and heals for 80% of the weapon damage when the destination dies with active shackles.
The ability to ripping essence is a bullet that sticks to the target for 10 seconds. Anyone who attacks the achieved goal will receive 20% of the damage as healing. Through passive effects, players also receive 15 stamina when attacked and are healed by 80% of your weapon damage when gripping essence ends.
The ultimate passive ability at the end of the tree allows you to build a stack of ominous essence with each ability. At 4 stacks, the next heavy attack relies on all cooldowns from the ominous gauntlet.

The skill tree also contains interesting passive effects, including useful self-healing (dodging with full MANA heals by 80% of the weapon damage) or additional damage (10% more damage to goals are at least 8 meters away).

All the skills of the new weapon can you watch in this short video:

Strong weapon for healers, but especially for solo players

What is the first impression? The fundamental damage to the weapon looks good. The car attack is fluid and quite swift. In the first fighting in low-level areas and in edelweiss, the ominous gauges made a solid impression.

In duels with other players who did not use clinical gains, the weapon even seemed a bit of surgery. With the disaster blade and the life robbery you could even exist in melee against Warsaw and Bad users. Above all, the life robbery is useful in all situations.

The fact that I can not block, I hardly found a hindrance. Mostly you want to attack or heal with this weapon Eh.

For whom is the new weapon interesting? The weapon is mainly interesting for healers looking for a supplement to their life race. Here, above all, the skills of empty, petrified scream and expiration sphere in the PVP are interesting.

By emptiness strengthens your ally
Through the scream you can find enemies
The expiry sphere causes damage, but above all AOE healing, which is useful for dungeons and PVP.

Here we also recommend the tree extinguishing to the end of the end. A build that looked useful on the paper and in the first tests, we have put together here. This is aimed primarily at PVP players who should also focus on the life race and heavy armor:

On the other hand, the weapon is aimed at solo players who want to have some additional healing in the open world. Here, above all, the skills of Hörheilsblade, Easy shackles and tearing essence are interesting.

New World's BEST WEAPON YET! ???? The VOID GAUNTLET! All Skills and Upgrades EXPLAINED!
The disaster blade causes a lot of damage in melee
The eerie shackles weaken an enemy aware and strengthen you in return
The ripping essence ensures a lot of self-healing, if you only consciously attack a goal

For solo players positive are also the many passive self-healing effects. Here we recommend a skill down to the effect Look of the Unveil in the expiration tree. As a second weapon, there is an optional a life race or a weapon, which sets on intelligence, the second attribute of the ominous gauntlets.

A possible build with focus on damage and life rod could look like this:

How is your impression of the weapon so far? Will you try the ominous gauntlets? Or did you already find your favorite weapons set? Write it in the comments.

While many players turned on the new update and the associated changes, there are even some problems in the game itself. Currently, the Tale Transfer is disabled because some players have used dupes.

However, Amazon has announced, however, to tackle it more;

New World: Gold Dupes are a great danger to new MMORPGs — so hard attacks Amazon now


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