Shareholders call for Kotick resignation

Robert A. Kick (born 1963) is an American business owner that acts as the president (CHIEF EXECUTIVE OFFICER) of Activision Blizzard. He came to be chief executive officer of Activision in 1991 after buying a company risk the previous year. Kick crafted a merging in between Activision and also Vivaldi Games during the late 2000s, which brought about the development of Activision Blizzard in 2008 as well as him being named the business s inaugural CEO. He has actually also served on numerous boards, consisting of The Coca-Cola Company because 2012 as well as the Phone Call of Obligation Endowment (CODE), which he co-founded in 2009. From 2003 to 2008, Kick was a supervisor at Yahoo!.

Blizzards CEO Bobby Kick has been working on the sexism cases at Blizzard for years and mildly said little success in his statements to the employees, sometimes even specially whispered mails than sold by other supervisors and then criticized.

The air seems to be thin for kick. Already on November 17, 2021, the employees of Blizzard struck and want to do that until Bobby Kick leaves the company. But the board is behind Kick and there are currently no signs that the CEO will take his hat.

In this whole swirl around Kick, a story stands out now, in which ACTIVISION Blizzard allegedly should go to the money. The Strategic Organizing Center ( SOC ) Investment Group holds 4.8 million share of Activision Blizzard and calls on Bobby Kick to withdraw. Overall, the Investment Group thus holds approximately $300 million in ATV shares.

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a lot of hot air

Maybe you can meet the board yes where it hurts right — the money. Maybe she still brings that to rethink. Unfortunately, the wind from the sails must be taken out of all hopeful Blizzard fans out there.

What is currently getting around on many sides on the Internet as a big story, is financially seen only a drop on the hot stone. 4.8 million shares or $300 million blades a lot, but the SOC keeps just 0.6 percent of the total Activision Blizzard shares.

The ATV share does not do that well

In addition, the indignation of the SOC is not new. The group, which advocates managers for irresponsible and unethical behavior to the responsibility, has been on the Kicker for a long time and now uses their opportunity. Here, therefore, no sudden indignation takes place, but you want to secure the value of its investments.

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Because the more bad press is published in the next few days about Kick, the higher the probability that the ATV share is further falling. Since the financial report for the 3rd quarter 2021 and the news about Kick, the stock has already fallen by ten percent.

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