The best games of the year now you are in demand

The Game Awards is an annual awards ceremony recognizing achievements in the computer game market. Established in 2014, the programs are created and hosted by game journalist Geoff Kafka, who serviced its predecessor, the Spike Computer Game Awards, for over 10 years. In enhancement to the honors, The Game Awards likewise include bests of brand-new games and also thorough check out previously announced ones.

The Game Awards 2021 will take place on 9th December and this year you can vote in 30 different categories. Particularly good chances have the innovative shooter Death loop with whole nine nominations, including Game of the Year and Best Direction.

Xbox and Bethesda could clear at the Game Awards 2021

This year s Game Awards are particularly dominated by Xbox and Bethesda, which come together on whole 20 nominations. The Shooter Death loop of Arcane Studios and Bethesda can brilliant with nine nominations. Finally, Death loop is available for the time being exclusively for PlayStation 5 and PC, but counts since the acquisition of Bethesda as a game of Xbox Game Studios.

The French developers of the Stealth Series Dishonored created with Death loop an unconventional shooter, which combines fast shootings and supernatural forces. The special feature: you are trapped in a time loop and must switch off all your goals timely to break this time loop.

But psychopath 2 of Double Fine and Xbox Game Studios throws with five nominations, including for the game of the year, high waves. In the long coming successor you play Ran again, now a psychopath. You experience a charming platformer adventure with old as well as new figures and another case to be solved.

What is the best game of the year?

In addition to Death loop and Psychopath 2, other games in the Got list are found again. A joyful surprise is the Loop Platformer IT Takes Two from Haze light and EA, who might dust the Game-of-the-Year-Award. The creators of A Way Out could inspire with IT Takes Two fans and critics. Above all, the representation of the relationship of the main characters and the varied gameplay were praised several times.

Further candidates for the best game of the year are Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart by Insomniac Games and Sony, who have proven the strengths of the PS5 with a new Ratchet game, The new metro id adventure Metro id Dread From Mercury Steam and Nintendo and the horror continuation of Cap com, Resident Evil Village, which attempts to build on the strengths of the predecessor.

Protective BRO SPIES on SISTER ft. @Brent Rivera | Dhar Mann

The controversial cyberpunk, which was seen before the catastrophic release as a Got Game, is after all nominated for two awards: Best role-playing and best music.

More nominations, more good games

Other important nominations are:

Best Game Direction

Death loop (Arcane Studios / Bethesda)
It Takes Two (Haze light Studios / EA)
Return (House marque / you)
Psychopath 2 (Double Fine / Xbox Game Studios)
Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart (Insomniac Games / You)

Best Narrative

Death loop (Arcane Studios / Bethesda)
It Takes Two (Haze light Studios / EA)
Life is Strange: True Colors (Deck Nine / Square Enix)
Marvel s Guardians of the Galaxy (Lidos Montreal / Square Enix)
Psychopath 2 (Double Fine / Xbox Game Studios)

Best Performance

Erika More as Alex Chen, Life Is Strange: True Colors
Giancarlo Esposito as Anton Castillo, Far Cry 6
Jason E. Kelley as Colt Van, Death loop
Maggie Robertson as Lady Dimitrescu, Resident Evil Village
Obioha Akasha as Julianna Blake, Death loop

Best Ongoing

Apex Legends (ResPawn / EA)
Call of Duty: War zone (Infinity Ward / Raven / Activision)
Final Fantasy XIV Online (Square Enix)
Fortnite (Epic Games)
Genshin Impact (Photo)

Best Indie

12 Minutes (Luis Antonio / Annapurna Interactive)
Death s Door (Acid Nerve / Revolver Digital)
Kenya: Bridge of Spirits (Ember Lab)
Injury (Daniel Mullins Games / Revolver Digital)
Loop Hero (Four Quarters / Revolver Digital)

The entire list you can see on the official site of the Game Awards. There you can also vote for your favorites.

What are the game awards?

Since 2014, the Game Awards take place from and with Geoff Kafka. Every year, the best games are excellent in different categories. In addition, new games are announced during the ceremony; This year, 40 to 50 world premieres on the show should be seen. (Source: Epic Games)

This year s Game Awards will take place on December 9 — Due to the time shift, the show will take place with us in Germany on 10th December, at 1 o clock at night.


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