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Robert A. Kick (born 1963) is an American entrepreneur that acts as the president (CHIEF EXECUTIVE OFFICER) of Activision Blizzard. He ended up being chief executive officer of Activision in 1991 after purchasing a firm risk the previous year. Kick engineered a merger between Activision as well as Vivaldi Games during the late 2000s, which resulted in the development of Activision Blizzard in 2008 as well as him being called the businesss inaugural chief executive officer. He has actually also served on several boards, consisting of The Coca-Cola Firm since 2012 as well as the Call of Obligation Endowment (CODE), which he co-founded in 2009. From 2003 to 2008, Kick was a supervisor at Yahoo!.

Recent events around Activision Blizzard have clearly shown that CEO Bobby Kick is part of the problem. He had been informed about the sexism cases at Blizzard for years, he never found the right sound in his statements to employees and even sold specially written mails than those of other supervisors only to criticize them.

Already yesterday we reported that employees of Blizzard strike to give their desire that Bobby Kick submits his resignation. Some investors also demanded equity shares of nearly $300 million. However, the alone will not be enough to successfully saw Kicks chair. For this, the US manager and entrepreneurs is too influential and powerful, but he has successfully steered the skills of Activision Blizzard.

Flak fire from all sides

However, investors and strikers are not alone. The ABK workers alliance has launched company-internal petition in order to demand Bobby Kicks withdrawal. This petition is deliberately not anonymous, say: In this list, you will find the full names of the Activision employees who have signed, as well as the studios to which they belong. Nearly 1,350 entries already includes the petition. There is a second, public petition, which can also sign fans. There, more than 11,000 people have already explained their support; The number increases in the minute clock.

It is almost more important that now some partners of Activision Blizzard will speak critically. At first, it was Jim Ryan, his sign PlayStation Chief of the Sony Group Corp., who reported after the recent report from Wall Street Journal. At Sony, it was disrupted that after all the incidents, it was apparently not enough to do enough against the deep-seated culture from discrimination and harassment. It was immediately contacted Activision to express his own concerns and ask how they want to respond to the allegations in the article.

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Xbox and Sony together against Activision

Last night, Microsoft followed the example of Sony. Xbox boss Phil Spencer should have informed the staff in an email that you want to re-evaluate all aspects of the partnership with Activision Blizzard now. Spencer continued to write, he and the entire executive team are disturbed and deeply troubled due to recent actions and events.

Jason Schrader and the Bloomberg team not only documented these reactions, they also asked for ACTIVISION Blizzard for a statement. There it said: You respect the feedback of the estimated partners, and you would do everything to ensure a diverse, including culture as well as a secure workplace. With such a 08/15 statement, you will certainly not delete any of the current fires.

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With Microsoft and Sony, two parties are in the boat, which could build up with their platform-high pressure on Activision Blizzard. Do you think that all that is sufficient to move Bobby Kick to resign?

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