The author of Smash Bros and Kirby has an incredible past 15 Curiosities of Masahiro Sakurai

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The Super SEAS Bros. Franchise has left us a last memorable delivery with Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, an essential title for Nintendo Switch, which has reached final of its post-search content with the brooch that supposed the incorporation of the protagonist of The Kingdom Hearts, Sort Saga.

The father after this successful saga of Nintendo fighting games is our protagonist today, Mahavira Samurai, which together with the unforgettable SATORI IATA, sought a formula to create a fighting game that was felt Different from the rest of games of a genre that he considered over exploited, keeping the project secretly, still without officially presenting Hiroshi Yamaguchi, the then president of Nintendo.

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After much effort and dedication, the video game is approved in 1998 and starts the one that would be one of the most successful franchises of Nintendo. Samurai has been dismissed for the moment of Super Smash Bros, although he has not assured that this means the end of the franchise. Although Samurai is currently famous for the fighting series, he is also the father of one of the most beloved characters in Nintendo, Kirby, the adorable pink ball presented for the first time at Game Boy almost three decades.

Masahiro Sakurai: From Kirby to Super Smash Bros Ultimate - Did You Know Gaming Ft. Furst

One of the great figures of Japanese video game Although the Japanese genius career is intimately linked to Hal Laboratory, in 2003, Samurai left Hal to start his independent adventure Founding Sort Ltd. Since your study, Samurai could collaborate with different developers to carry out your projects, starting with an original Puzzle game for Nintendo 3DS called Meters, which featured even with a version set in the Disney Universe. Since then, he has worked on projects such as Kid Icarus: UPRISING and all deliveries of the Super Smash Bros series from Super Smash Bros. Brawl.

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Known for its Requirement When taking care of the development of your video games, even to the point of spending invoice in your health, Mahavira Samurai is one of the great figures of Japanese video game development and today, We want to tell you some curiosities that make you be such an interesting personality.


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