Strategy inorganic semiconductors

The Minister of Commerce, the Minister of Commerce, the Minister of Commerce, the Ministry of Normal, the Minister of Commerce, Industry and Normal, said, The worlds semiconductor supply chain is reorganized as semiconductors as a strategy weapon. The industry and governments have to cooperate.

The Moon said, attended the 14th semiconductor day and the 30th anniversary ceremony of the Korean Semiconductor Industry Association in CODEX, Seoul, Seoul,

The day of semiconductor was established by the first export of Korean semiconductor annual exports to the first $10 billion, commemorating October 1994. From January to October this year, the export of semiconductor exports exceeded $1 billion.

We will stabilize the semiconductor supply chain as a major country and a companion, said Moon said, We plan to cooperate in the United States and semiconductor industry in the US — US-US semiconductor conversation. The US government would like to see why the semiconductor supply is lacking, and it was necessary for the recent 3 years to sales, customer information, order, sales, stock status,

The Netherlands ASML, who monopolized the Salon Investigation (EU) exposure equipment, has invested W24 billion in Dong tan 2 new town, said the Netherlands. He said, he said.

The government and the industry have gathered that the personnel were also important. ASML plans to build a reinstallation facility and training center, and plans to run a scientific classroom to create an experience with the experiences.

Building a Resilient Semiconductor Supply Chain
If the semiconductor industry continues to be large, the semiconductor industry should continue to grow, said the Mini,, said, I would like to make it.

The Association, established in 1991, has grown up with the Korean Semiconductor Industry for the past 30 years, said the Association, said Korea Association, did.

Major countries are writing semiconductors as a strategy weapon, said Major Semiconductor Industry Association, said Major Country, said Major Country, he said, he said.

The government was awarded the medal for 52 semiconductor industrial merits at the event. Lee Jungle, Samsung Electronics, president of the Golden Tower Industrial, Choir Hyeong-jae, and Lee Ai Kay, was awarded a tower industrial medal. Industrial packaging was given to Lee Hymn Due Won IPS representative, Lee Sundae SK Unix vice president, DB Hie chi, DB Hie chi.


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