Ubisoft exposes its plans for change following allegations of sexual misconduct

Yves Guillemot (Cantor, Brittany, July 21, 1960) is a French business owner, better recognized for being co-founder and the present Head of state and also CEO of Ubisoft, a computer game designer business. He is the supervisor of AMA Ltd., the president of Ubisoft Home entertainment S.A., Guillemot Corp. and Exec Vice President of Game loft S.A.

Following the stories of sexually hostile work environments in Ubisoft where a number of executives have been accused of making employees, the CEO of the company, Yves Guillemot, made a declaration promising radical changes. The authors have been paused with an inquiry already in progress.

In a letter addressed to employees, Guillemot presented its plans to make changes to eliminate the toxicity in the work environment of the company. He says Specifically, I decided to review the composition of writing, to transform our human resources processes and improve the empowerment of all managers on these topics.

The stages it enumerates include the appointment of a chief of culture of the workplace, employee listening sessions at all sites, the launch of a global survey of employees, ongoing investigations on Allegations, a comprehensive review of policies and procedures and the creation of the new position of Chief Diversity and Inclusion.

Guillemot firmly takes a position against these behaviors in his statement, the situations that some of you have lived or seen are absolutely not acceptable. Nobody should ever feel harassed or lacking respect for work, and the types of inappropriate behaviors we have recently learned can not and will not be tolerated. For those of you who have spoken or who have supported colleagues, I want to be clear: you are heard, and you contribute to the necessary change within the company. »

Many victims of sexual misconduct, racism and sexism in major gaming communities have told their experiences and called toxic members from the community. Although it is discouraging to see so much hidden pain in our own communities, we are pleased to see these essential changes are made.


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