Halo Infinite DataMiners find different weapons variants

As already announced by the official site, Halo Infinite’s Weapon Areal is extended by some entries over time. New hints now indicate that it could not only be new weapons, but also new variants of already contained weapons.

Testing All The New Weapon Variants In Halo Infinite

The Datamyne HalonoticiasMX and Green knight have discovered some new weapons variants in the shooter’s files. These are the variants Convergence Bulldog, MA40 Long shot, S7 Flextime, BR75 PREACHER, Volatile Skew ire, Pinpoint Needle, Pursuit Hydra, Arcane Sentinel Beam, Riven Mangler and M41 Tracker, which are each in magazine scatters, scattering, fire rate or different aspects of the originals.

Of course, an implementation of the changed weapons is by no means safe. However, since the weapons exist in the Halo Infinite files, this appears quite possible. However, it could also be early versions or test versions of the weapons, which were discarded in the course of development.

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