The 8 most important weapons in Halo Infinite and what makes them so strong

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The multiplayer Gonzalo Infinite has started surprisingly early. Since then, he enjoys great popularity on Steam and Xbox. Mango tells you which weapons dominate in the matches and why they are so important and strong.

Hallo Infinite plays like a shooter of the old school. It’s not just a very good alternative if you are currently disappointed with Call of Duty and Battlefield — there are also many peculiarities to learn.

One of these peculiarities is that there is no clear best weapon in Halo Infinite. Each of the currently 22 weapons in the game has its own niche. Therefore, they work in a scissor stone paper principle: Each rake is very strong against a type of weapon, but very weak against another.

A weapon to the best weapon in Halo is a little practicable. There is no best hand movement in scissors stone paper. Instead, we tell you what the most important weapons in Halo Infinite are and what makes them so good.

BR75 — the better assault rifle

What makes this weapon so strong? When halo professionals dream of a weapon, then it is the BR75 fight gun. Since Halo 2 this weapon impresses with its power, precision and reliability. This is not different in Halo Infinite. Therefore, the weapon is part of the standard load-out in the ranking arena.

The BR75 shoots in fire lights of 3 shots each. Thanks to a lot of ammunition in the magazine and the zoom function, the BR75 is a danger on most distances. This weapon should always take you with you if you have the opportunity to do so.

How do you use the weapon right? The BR75 kills with 3 fire salvos in the body and one in the head. Like most weapons in the game, the BR75 makes more damage in headdresses after a broken shield. Therefore, you should always go to the body, as long as your opponents still have a sign. A precise headshot after connecting the opponent in no time.


High, reliable damage
Strong on medium distances
Good at higher distances
Much shot in the magazine


Fires only in Salve
Enemy matches interrupt your zoom
Not the best weapon in melee

MK50 SIDEKICK — The most important weapon in the game

What makes this weapon so strong? This little weapon is the most important rake in the game. It is not the strongest in terms of firepower, but you will disproportionately make many kills with this weapon. That’s because you always start with it. She also kills her after a broken sign with just one headshot.

Because the sidekick with the first shot is always perfect precisely, it can also be on larger distances.

How do you use the weapon right? Because you always start with this weapon, you should always gain them, if you have broken the sign of the opponent with the standard assault rifle, for example. A fast headshot with the weapon is deadlier than to continue shooting with the assault rifle.

With its light zoom function, it is also helpful at distances. But it does not pay attention to a distance not too fast with the pistol — it becomes very imprecise with too high fire rate.

Halo Infinite Weapons Guide!
Despite their reliability, you should still exchange the MK50 Sidekick as soon as possible against better distance weapons — like the BR75.


Perfect precisely with the first shot
Kills opponents without shield with a head goal
Strong at a distance
Part of each loadOut


Little damage to a shield
Becomes very imprecise at high fire rate
Many better alternatives for the same task

Shock rifle — the special weapon that is not

What makes this weapon so strong? The shock rifle is not a special weapon in contrast to the S7 sniper rifle, but always kills with a headshot. That makes them extremely dangerous in the right hands.

Also, strong is that in hits an electric shock meets all other opponents in the nearby area. This not only makes it helpful extra damage: You can see the electricity effects where other opponents are located.

How do you use the weapon right? This weapon should be used as well as the S7 sniper rifle: remains at a distance, aims at heads and tries not to make you meet.


Always kills with a headshot
Precise also in the hip fire
Hits makes ambient damage
Environmental damage gives info where other opponents are
Is not a special weapon to find easier


Zoom effect can be interrupted by damage
Zooms visible to you for opponents
Slow fire rate

Guardian beam — a deadly beam for certain situations

What makes this weapon so strong? The Guardian beam reminds of the Lightning Gun from Quake or Areas Weapon in Overwatch. You do a lot of damage with a continuous laser beam, but has a limited range. As long as you can go well with this weapon, you dominate your opponents.

How do you use the weapon right? With this weapon it is very important to fire on your opponents from a perfect distance. If you are too far away, your laser does not have enough reach; If you are too close, it will hard to keep your crosshair on the opponent.

So try to be as far as possible as far away from the opponent as your laser beam is long. So you are fearful with this weapon.


A lot of damage
Low TT
Much ammunition


Unusable at a distance
Needs very good aim
Laser makes you very visible to opponents and easy to find

Mangler — the secret favorite of the community

What makes this weapon so strong? This weapon does not have the highest fire rate. In addition, the balls projectiles are. This makes it harder to use than the Hit scan weapons, where balls make the opponent immediately after firing. Nevertheless, this brute revolver is now developing into a secret favorite in the community.

The weapon kills faster than most other weapons in the game: With two body hits, this weapon breaks a sign, a subsequent head hit kills. It is thus a monster for precise players on medium distances.

The mangler is also very strong on short distances: she kills similarly quickly as the Shotgun and her blades make more melee damage.

How do you use the weapon right? With the mangler you can create it with 2 – 3 opponents without having to worry about the ammunition. Tried to shoot opponents mainly from medium distance. Uses the higher melee damage if you come to close.


A lot of damage
Low TT
Much ammunition
Blades make more melee damage


Needs very good aim
Slow fire rate
Balls are projectiles

Skewer — Pure Power, Difficult Handling

What makes this weapon so strong? The Skewer is a mix of a rocket launcher and a sniper. The Harping, which fires her with this weapon, flies slowly and heavy through the air, but always kills with a hit — no matter if her head tries or the small toe. Even vehicles are broken after 1 – 2 hits with the skewer.

This incredible strength will be balanced by your mandatory nature: it’s hard to hit the opponents with the skewer, the after-loading times are long and the ammunition is strongly limited.

How do you use the weapon right? Although the weapon has a zoom function, it is rarely used as a classic sniper. The easiest makes your opponent jumping — shoots where you will get.

Do not use the Skewer reactive, but prefabricating: aims to where you expected the opponent every moment; Not where he is already.


Each hitch is a one-shot kill
Strong against vehicles
Subjective very fun


Little ammunition
Slow reload
Very hard to hit with the weapon
Zoom effect can be interrupted by damage
Zooms visible to you for opponents

S7 sniper rifle — the potentially the best weapon in the game

What makes this weapon so strong? The S7 sniper rifle can kill a whole team several times in the solo. In normal 4VS4 matches, a magazine is enough to sue every opponent once. The only requirement is that you meet your head: the S7 always kills with a headshot — even opponent with full sign.

Because you are perfectly precise in the middle of the movement and with hip fire, this sniper rifle is a tremendous danger. She is one of the most important and best weapons in the game.

How do you use the weapon right? For the S7, there is only one rule: Trains with your shots. Who plays this weapon well, can prevent a team for minutes to play. Who does not have a good AIM with the weapon, wastes incredibly important potential?


Headshots are always a kill
2 body hits are always a kill
Hit scan: Balls immediately meet the opponents where they were greater.
High fire rate
4 shot in the magazine
Precise also in the hip fire or in motion


Zoom effect can be interrupted by damage
Zooms visible to you for opponents
Needs very good aim

M41 SPOKE — Perfect for large groups

What makes this weapon so strong? The rocket launcher works in Halo Infinite as well as you expect: It makes much explosion damage in a certain radius. So he can kill several opponents with a shot. Also, against vehicles this weapon is one of the strongest counterattacks, but the M41 in Halo Infinite has no lock-on function.

How do you use the weapon right? Do not go directly to the opponent, but on your feet. The ambient damage is enough to kill enemies. That’s why it is unnecessarily complicated to target the body of an opponent.

But pay attention to not catch your own feet — suicides happen very easily with the weapon. This gives the opponent the opportunity to squeeze this mighty weapon without resistance.


High explosion damage is very dangerous for the opponents…
2 missiles can be fired before it needs to be recharged
Very strong against grouped opponents
Very strong against vehicles


… and very dangerous for the rocket launcher user
Explosion radius slightly smaller than you should think
Player with rocket launchers are mandatory hunted

Each of these 8 weapons is one of the currently most important in the Multiplayer of Halo Infinite. Which one is your favorite? Do you have another favorite weapon that does not show up in this list? And how is your right with the game pace? Let’s know us in the comments.

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