Free December Games for Subscribers at PS Plus Xbox Live Gold Stadia Pro and Prime Gaming

With the look on Christmas we start on a month of December in which the video game industry will have much to say. There we have in a few days the launch of one of the great claims of the year, Halo Infinite, but also begin the galas of deliveries of distinctions, such as the 3D Games Huawei 2021 prizes that take place today. In addition, the main subscription services for PC, PlayStation, Xbox and Stadia renew their incentives with some very interesting proposals. Without more, we reviewed the highlight among free games for PS plus subscribers, Xbox Live Gold, Prime Gaming and Stadia Pro.

PlayStation PLUS.

A Looter-Slasher, DC and Virtual Reality

It was one of the first games to be confirmed for PS5, however its launch did not have all the approval of the public. Now he has a second chance to demonstrate users how fun to be his looter-Slashers proposal set in a fantasy universe. Of course, it reaches PS Plus without campaign.

There are times that even a villain has to become the hero of history. And this is what LEGO DC Super-Villains proposes, leaving us playing together with Joker, Harley Quinn and company in a world where the Justice League has disappeared and the Union of the Crime of America has taken its place with dark intentions.

The third of the video games announced with PS Plus for December is mortal shell, an intense RPG of action that promises to test the sanity and resistance of the player while possessing legendary warriors and faces terrifying enemies. A souls-like enjoyable who maybe you want to give him a chance now.

This month PlayStation Plus wants to also enjoy PS Plus users offering up to three different proposals. The Persistence proposes to survive aboard a colonizing steer ship in space in an FPS with elements of terror and science fiction. For his part, The Walking Dead: Saints & Sinners lives up to his name and invites players to face walkers and survivors for the ruins of New Orleans. And if none of these traps you, maybe it does it until you fail, an arcade action title and Route combats with a lot of fantasy.

Not: The novelties of PS Plus will be available as of December 7.

PlayStation PLUS Collection [Single PS5]

The premiere of PS5 came accompanied in November of PlayStation Plus Collection, an assortment of 20 PS4 video games that defined its generation:

You can subscribe to PS Plus from 8.99 euros per month


Of prisons and tropical paradises

The Gold Games of Xbox Live continue one more month, having as a great star in December The Escapists 2, the final prisons video game where users have escaped from prisons designed with great detail with the exception, in front of the first delivery, If I can do it in the company of your friends.

In the second half of the month we will have time to download Tropics 5, the simulator of dictatorships where we have to take the reins of a nation island to glory facing different challenges. The users of Xbox Live Gold, specifically, will be able to download their Penultimate Edition that incorporates several accessories.

For the first fortnight, Orcs Must Die will also be available, the first installment of the popular Series of Defense of Torres who premiered this year in consoles. His latest video game. By mid-month Italy Twisted Shadow Planet will arrive, a twisted action adventure with complex puzzles and other challenges.

Subscribe to XBOX LIVE GOLD from 19.95 euros the quarter

Prime Gaming.

Follow the big games

Another powerful month for Prime Gaming. The Amazon service will allow us to enjoy no additional cost this month of great success on PC as Football Manager 2021, great claim titles between the specialized press such as Frost punk or modern classics such as Need for Speed ​​Hot Pursuit. Rest of games below:

You can subscribe to Amazon Prime for 3.99 euros per month

Stadia Pro.

Variety and many novelties

A little of everything among the news of Stadia Pro this December. Thus, users of the subscription service will be able to take the reins of Bumblebee and the Autobots in Transformers: Battlegrounds, face a nightmare acclaimed by the press specialized in Little Nightmares or surfing the heavens on the back of a majestic war bird at The Falconer. Next the complete list:

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other subscription services

Game Pass and PS Now

In addition to these services that we have spoken to you, there are other subscription platforms to which you can join. For example, Xbox Game Pass and PlayStation Now, which will give you access to a huge amount of video games for a few euros a month, with options to play through the cloud as well.

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