Jurassic World Evolution 2 Jurassic Park Chaos Theory Guide

Jurassic World Evolution 2 Chaos theory accuses you from successfully managing the missing parks that never existed or should not have been. It is more like an adequate campaign than real campaign mode, and each map will take you from one to several hours to complete depending on the difficulty and your rhythm. Before starting, be sure to read our tips and tricks of chaos theory first, as they apply to all maps of chaos theory. This guide will explain how to complete the first map of Chaos Theory, Jurassic Park.

Have you raised Raptors? | Chaos theory of Jurassic Park

The beginning of Jurassic Park Chaos Theory acts as a mini tutorial to show you what you will do in Chaos Theory mode as a whole. They will ask you to do some simple tasks: Place a visitor center and a science center in predominated locations highlighted in blue. Do this and connect them to the existing route. As soon as you get your science center, investigate improved energy technology, so you can replace your backup generators with a power station and some high voltage towers.

The second task presents you how you normally be filling your park with more dinosaurs. Investigate the hatchery by assigning a scientist with enough skill points in logistics and genetics, then place the hatchery at the requested place. Click on the hatchery and then synthesize the velociraptor DNA. This will fail by default and will be asked to investigate improved synthesis, its way of demonstrating the importance of investigating updates when available.

The second synthesis will be successful, and then you can incubate the NASA of eggs. Be sure to check any trait that affects the domain before choosing which eggs release. If you wish, you can also add a fence, excluding the breeding area of ​​the hatchery, and then divide the huge enclosure in two in half. Then, you can add doors to each sector of the enclosure from the release area. Open a door when you release raptors, and they will be at your side. The other side can be saved for future dinosaurs.

Opening the park | Chaos theory of Jurassic Park

The following steps are nothing that has not yet done in campaign mode. It is simply attending the comfort of the Velociraptors and placing more buildings. While they are built, you can do some things meanwhile. Investigate and build a staff center so that its scientists can rest when they get tired.

You should also investigate efficiency improvements. Once you have built an expedition center, apply improved improvement. It only costs 75k, but it assures you that you will get more fossil from each expedition in the future. You can also apply the update of the extraction capacity to the Science Center. The fossil storage update is also valuable, but the extraction capacity will be more useful for the genomes to work.

Now you can access the map of the excavation site and search for TRICERATOPS fossils. The extraction of fossils, regardless of their quality, will always require only three genetic skill points, so keep it in mind when assigning their scientists in the future. Also, be sure to fill all extraction slots. Concentrate on amber and fossils first and then fill the remaining spaces with other findings that will be sold for cash.

You only need a viable tricycle genome (50%) for the target, but I recommend you upload it a little more, 75% or more, before synthesizing them. When finished, go to the sites to find fossils from Gallicisms and Parasaurolophus. These two herbivores can live happily with triceratops. While its scientists dig and extract, build a large and pleasant enclosure for all these dinosaurs. You can synthesize, incubate and then transport the dinosaurs to this habitat by air gradually as your genomes approach its completion. Be sure to adjust the landscape and foliage as you progress!

When you have a group of happy herbivores in a habitat, build a jeep tourism vehicle through it. Unfortunately, you still can not open the park since the disease will attack. Make your team paleo-doctor diagnose, investigate the treatment of poison ivy and then administer it to your sick dinosaurs. Finally, you can open Jurassic Park and start accumulating money. You are probably about $ 5-7 million at this time.

Catering for guests | Chaos theory of Jurassic Park

Their next steps will increase the comfort of the guests. For this, you will need to build a couple of bathrooms, shelters and a hotel to complete the numbers. They will ask you to build a small equipment and an attraction. Build attraction, but instead of just a service, I recommend that you place food, drinks and shopping services side by side. You will need them for the next large set of objectives.

Now that the park is open and its first dinosaurs and guests are happy, you will be asked to expand. These are the objectives:

Reaches the 3-star park rating
Increase the total number of dinosaur species to 6
Increase the number of guests in the park at 1000.
Get $400,000 income per minute

This seems overwhelming, but each goal should gradually grow as it works in others. First, get some new dinosaurs. Herbivorous Excavation Sites will generally be cheaper to dig, and the resulting genomes will also cost less to synthesize and incubate. Some smaller carnivores such as Coelophysis and Proceratosaurus will also be relatively cheap. The particular compsognath is a tiny carnivore and many of them can live happy in a small enclosure.

Do not forget to look for updates, expand your ways and add amenities as you progress. You can always select the rating by stars and see your various service coverage and comfort ratings. Remember that your hotels offer large dinosaurs observation areas around you, so you can build nearby habitats for a permanent hearing.

Storms will occur as it expands. Here is an easy protocol to follow:

Open all the shelters as soon as possible.

First repair the doors and fences, then the energy units and finally other buildings.
If your dinosaurs escape, send the capture team to reassure them.
As soon as the storm passes and all the dinosaurs are safe in their precincts or reassured and detached from the ground, close all the shelters to start earning money again.

If you are struggling to reach the revenue requirement, make sure that your services have modules and do not be afraid to add more dinosaurs or dinosaur species. You will need them anyway to complete the map.

We have a T. rex

What Jurassic Park would be complete without Rely? Here is the deal: T.Rex, being a great carnivore and the star of the show, costs a lot of money in general. Expeditions on its own cost between 1.5 and 3.4 million dollars each. This is a waiting game. You are already earning $400,000 + per minute, so speed up time, decrease the speed or pause only to handle storms or control diseases. Spend some cash to create Rely’s habitat, adding a good amount of forest and sand, as well as meat and feeders of living prey.

As soon as Rely’s claws touch the ground, someone will sabotage the doors of your park and keep them open. Pause the game and opens your shelters. The doors will be restarted manually in a few minutes, but by then all the dinosaurs will be running untidily. Assigns your ranking equipment to first repair the doors of the carnivores. Use separate equipment if the doors are very separate. Fix the doors of herbivores after that. If any dinosaur is released, calm down and return it to its fences. Crisis avoided.

The last impulse to complete it is:

Reaches the rating of the 5-star park
Increase the total number of dinosaur species to 10.
Increase the number of guests in the park at 1500

I recommend completing the species with expensive carnivores. They have great attraction and easily increase the number of guests. If you do not have a rating of 5 stars with 10 species, you can add more. Continue building amenities as well.

Continue your slow and constant expansion, and you will have that rating before you realize. From here, there is no place to go more than up, to San Diego and The lost world: Jurassic Park Map of chaos theory.

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