Sea of Thieves Betretet Neuland in Season Five

As we had already reported, the new free content update to Sea of ​​Thieves has already been published with some innovations. With new seasonal rewards, events and a whole range of life quality updates, which deepen the pirate experience, Season Five also brings pirate pyrotechnics and a long-awaited game-changing feature: the buried of appreciation!



As in the past, all Sea of ​​Thieves players can play the fifth season and their 100 rewarding levels for free. To get rewards, you have to increase your reputation by tracing the seas and mastering regular testing and deeds regularly. The Season Five Plunder Pass can also be purchased separately and expanded your pool to seasonal rewards around premium goodies that are otherwise nowhere available!

Search for appreciation

Enough of only the loot of other pirates to dig out — finally you can bury your own! Season Five now allows you to fulfill this important part of every pirate fantasy by burying almost every item and create a map that leads directly to it. You can only do this for storage or store your card on the new quest board near the next outpost and challenge other crews to find them.

If another team finds the place of your buried treasure successfully, you will receive a proper serving of fame. But be careful if you follow the cards of other players taken from the search panel — you can never be sure if the hiding place is first-class loot or not quite desirable.

Start things with a bang

No matter if your festivals are initiating or just lit a torch, Season Five brings explosive weapons for pyrotechnically interested pirates! Fireworks are available in many colors and designs and can be found in barrels in Sea of ​​Thieves or bought in thematic fireworks at the dealer alliance. If you are in trouble, there are also signal flares that you can use to signal passing crews that you need a little help.

Both fire cracks and signaling torches can be fired from guns out, even from the bug of the cannon rowing boot — a new min plane for all pirates that are happy to be a one-man destructive team!

Improved quality of life

These new features are accompanied by numerous updates to the quality of life to improve immersion in the game, be it sitting and sleeping, at the pastime on board with new shanties and dice emotes, when whispering to the crew members turning around their speaking trumpet or when watching rats wrinkling around your falling ship.

Of course, there are a number of new, temporally limited events, starting with the annual feast of charity, the festival of giving, and the traditional year-end festival, the Hogmanay.

Pirate Emporium plunder

As in the past seasons, pirates can increase the seasonal rewards with never previously seen objects from the looting of the fifth season! Packs you warm, because the latest PLUNDER pass comes with icy winches — led by the complete Boreal Aurora ship set, which reflects the iridescent Aurora, which strips over the northern sky.

Also included are the evolving costume creeping cold, which transforms in the course of the 100 stages of the season, and the enchanting Gengel-emote. A special festive tea of ​​750 antique coins is also included, which — in combination with the 250, which can already be earned by the season progress — reinstall the cost of the Planter pass, if you reach a sufficiently high level!

The product range of pirate emporium inspired by Disney’s curse of the Caribbean also receives growth in the fifth season: the fearsome ship and weapons set Royal Revenge, the Captain Barbosa costume and the pet Mutinous Mutt are reminiscent of one of the treacherous captains, each of the seas drive on.

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