Eintracht star before farewell Captain Makoto Hasbe manifests itself

After being at the beginning of the season at the beginning of the season at Eintracht Frankfurt under the new head coach Oliver Glaser threatened, Dacha Ramada is now a fixed size in the SGE midfield. The Japanese does not yet approach its top values ​​from the last season, but is still more valuable for the Bundesliga club.

Ramada is restarted in the central midfield of the Frankfurter, was in 13 out of 14 league games for the Hesse in the square. He convinces with strong pasfixed size and above all running values, almost tears the twelve kilometers on the lawn for the week.

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Team College and Landsman Dakota Haste White, Woman Ramada still has to work, he wants to finally develop a player at a European top level: Dacha still has many opportunities with his 25 years, but he has to be more punishable here. If he times Ten Goals scored, I could imagine that he changes to a big club, said the Contract captain opposite the kicker.

Eintracht-Star Ramada One of the best template encoders of the Bundesliga

In fact, the Japanese is missing with the number ten, which was changed from the J1 League to the Bundesliga in 2017, still on a strong goalkeeping. Only seven goals in 76 league games are available for the midfield director. In the current season he has not met at least in the Bundesliga.

Despite this mango, Goldie Haste, how valuable Ramada has become the Frankfurter. Hopefully he stays with us! We need his creativity, says the defender. Ramada was brought together several times with a farewell towards Italian series A and English Premier League, but then stayed in Frankfurt. In the Main metropolis, he still has a working paper until 2023.

Next to Filip Poetic is Dacha Ramada namely the preparation par excellence in the Contract jersey. In the past season he set up 13 hits of his teammates directly and was thus the third best temp orator of the entire Bundesliga. In the current season, he has four assists so far.

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