Pok mon Unit How and when to get Tsareena and other details of the Christmas event

Winter is slowly settling in Pokémon Unite and the different maps of Amos will soon be covered with snow. More than a simple event, the winter event brings enough news and an appreciable scenario change in the game available on mobile devices and Nintendo Switch. After having overcome 50 million downloads, players can also receive 4000 AEO entries as a reward with content.

When does the Holiday Winter event take place in Pokémon Unite?

It is from from December 9 that the event will take place in Pokémon Mob. will end on January 16, 2022 and, therefore, will last a full month during which you can complete different challenges and win a multitude of rewards, including a free character.

Get Serena for free!

During the event, from 9 to 24 December, you will be able to obtain special login bonuses, such as gift boxes with temporary objects and fashion items for your avatar. Many activities will also be available:

New Pokémon added to the sands
New Holographic costumes for your fighters,
New personalization elements for your avatar
special events as part of the challenge of lights and the photographic challenge,
Serena available free of charge from December 9
Dragon ite Available as of December 20.
By participating in the Battle of snowballs, You will witness the transformation of your Pokémon into a snowman in the middle of a fight.

TSAREENA MOVES & BUILD PREDICTIONS/GUIDE | Pokemon Unite New Pokemon Discussion!

Finally, from 1 to 3 January 2022, you can temporarily access the unit permits of all Pokémon at no cost, and use them in any type of combat, except matted items.

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