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Let’s get to the corner data: the Darts World Cup, which begins this year, but as previously already the name of the coming year, carries as Darts-World Cup 2022, starts on 15 December and ends on January 3 with the final. As usual, the Alexandra Palace is played in London. 96 players from 31 countries qualified for the highlight at the end of the year.

Which Germans are there?

Among the 96 players are also four German players: In addition to Germany’s number one Gabriel Gaga Clemens are also Youngster Fabian dirtier (16 years), Florian Hempen and Martin Schindler with the game. Clemens made a real highlight last year, struck the former world champion Peter Wright and poured the first German into a World Cup of the second round. There was a dramatic match against Poland Krzysztof Ratajkowski.

How much money is distributed?

Overall, 2.5 million pounds are distributed at the World Cup, which corresponds slightly more than 2.9 million euros. The winner wave whopping 500,000 pounds (in just 594,000 euros).

What does the mode look like?

96 players are in total, the 32 best players of the PDC Order of Merit are only in the second round. In addition, the 32 best players of the Pro Tour Order of Merit and 32 other actors who have secured a ticket for the World Cup through qualification tournaments. At the World Cup is played in the set mode, the number of rates to be winning rises to the final. For a sentence you need three legs. Each leg must be finished with a successful throw in a double field or with the bullseye.

What does the game plan look like?

On Wednesday, December 15, it starts with the evening session from 20 clocks. After three games from the first round there is the first highlight in the evening, because World Champion Berwyn Price will play his two-round part. As the first German, dirtier plays on Thursday (session from 8 pm, second match) against Ryan Make. The German number one Clemens is only demanded on 23 December. Because Gaga is the 25 of the world, there is a pilot in round one.

Who are the favorites?

The defending champion is also a very hot candidate on the victory this year. The bookmakers have Price, also number one in the world, slightly in front. Behind him follows the three-time world champion Michael Mighty Mike Van Ger wen, who has not played a superior year and only as a number three of the world arrived. Also, high in the course are at the betting providers Peter Wright (2 in the world, world champion of 2020) and Jonny Clayton (8 in the world).

World Championship Memories ft. Van Gerwen, Price, Wright and Cross

Women play with?

Yes, also two women play with. All the hard-working Darts World Cup showers are certainly reminiscent of Fallon Shi rock, who was the first woman to win a game against a man at the World Cup. The Queen of Ally Pally is again this year and travels with good shape. Lisa Ashton also made it again, as in the past year, the participant’s field.

What else is there to know?

A total of ten times it succeeded in throwing a Neundarter at the World Cup — so the perfect leg. Raymond van Barnfield and Adrian Lewis made it even twice. Speaking of Van Barnfield: The Dutch had actually finished his active Darts career. But he can not leave it yet and has qualified over the PDC Pro Tour Order of Merit.

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