DHB women are premature for World Cup

Ticket for the K.O. Round solved, medal in the sights: Germany’s handball women have reached the World Cup quarter-finals for the first time since 2013 and hopes for the first medal has been awakening for 14 years. The DUB selection was clear on Friday in front of 70 spectators in Rollers against South Korea with 37:28 (19:16) and has 6-0 points for one of the two first places in the main round group III.

Best throwers for the National Trainer Hank Greener’s team at the tournament in Spain were the two captains Emily Book and Alina Grijseels each with eight goals. Circular runner Make Schmoozer contributed five hits for the fifth victory in the fifth game. Last main round opponent is Denmark on Sunday (20.30 clock). The quarterfinal opponent is not fixed yet.

The German team was at operating temperature from the beginning and only had to dampen in the first minute, when South Korea acted completely surprisingly with three pre-drawn players in the defense and used the rapid ball gain. A 5: 0 course of the DUB selection was the appropriate answer to the Tactical Coup of the Asian Master.

Technical mistakes and assigned opportunities

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But in this style it was not going on. Some technical mistakes and opportunities assigned enabled the fuss to South Koreans after 13 minutes the compensation for 8: 8. Shortly thereafter, Greener responded at the level of 10:10 with a change in the gate — for Dinah Eberle, Katharina filters moved between the posts.

That paid out, because Beach European champion from Buxtehude led himself well with a gloss parade. In the attack, GRIJSEELS and Book mainly put heavy accents from the back.

Nevertheless, the rival could not shake off so much. However, the DUB team always remained concentrated and developed a deserved three-door leadership in the final phase of the first half.

Eberle became a restraint

With restart, Eberle returned to the goal, which was with some parades to the hoped-for support. But more than four goals, the lead could not be expanded initially. This succeeded for the first time in the 43rd minute, when Grijseels turned a seven meter to 27:22.

Against the aggressive DUB defense, the South Koreans were now increasingly difficult to successfully put themselves in scene. The German team used this and moved within a short time to nine goals from it (32: 23/48.). The final phase was only a loose shunt, which caught with the final whistle in great jubilation.

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