LOL Patch 11 24b preview of Christmas update

Although we thought we would have to wait for the 12.1 patch of next January 5, the first of the new season, the truth is that it will not require such a wait. League of Legends has just announced the preview of the expected changes for version 11.24b, something like the extra patch of this season that is about to end.

Normally this type of patches are usually to balance issues that have gone too much from mother, and in general, an update that adds quality of life to the millions of players who are going to enjoy League of Legends during the Christmas holidays. Let’s review all the expected changes together.

Summary of patch 11.24b

Changes to champions:

UFOs: Gwen, Olaf, Kai’SA, Virus, Pike
Nerves: Dr. Munro, Assassin, Lux, Wayne, Talon

Changes to systems:

UFOs: Glacial increase
Nerves: first blow

As you can see, it is not an extremely large patch, even in the absence of knowing the concrete changes proposed to these champions and those two runes. It is interesting as you are going to never two somewhat problematic champions in the bass as Assassin and Lux, while others are buffet that are always problematic in the tall and competitive, such as Gwen and Pike.

There is curiosity to know the concrete adjustments, since they are those who will dictate how the methane will be before the new season. It is true that the classification has already been finished until it landed the first patch of 2021, but we will be many who will be a party than another during this Christmas.

This 11.24b patch would arrive next Wednesday, December 22, so it is still a week to be implemented. Soon we will know the concrete adjustments, with the skills and statistics that will be altered. We will tell you the changes as soon as they are public.

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