GTA Online New Update The Contract comes today time and content for download

Into Online comes today, on 15 December, the new update The Contract for download. We show you the time for the start and the well-known content like cars and weapons and a big leak.

What is this for an update? The release of the big winter update The Contract by Grand Theft Auto Online is on. Franklin Clinton, which she knows from the story of GTA 5, has an important role in it. There are new music in the radio, missions, weapons, cars and story.

Here we show you the time for the new update as well as the already known content.

GTA update on December 15: Time to start

When is it going in Germany?

15 . December — probably between 11:00 and 15:00

The release is made on December 15, 2021. An official release time for the update is not available from Rockstar Games itself. If we expect from the release times of the last updates, then a time would be expected between 14:00 and 15:00 in German.

GTA 5 Online The Contract DLC Story UPDATE - NEW Vehicles, The Agency Business, Release Date & MORE!

But Rockstar Games knows to surprise. Just a year ago, on 15 December 2020, the team released the big Cayo-Perico update. At that time, the update rolled out for the users at 11:00 am — first on console, then on Steam and the Rockstar Games Launcher. You can also choose 11:00 clock as a start time for the The Contract update.

After releasing the downloads you still have to wait for the startup of the servers. We will always keep this product up-to-date here, so that you stay up to date.

Download size from The Contract

How big is the update? We will still complement this information. However, it should be a comprehensive update. So ensures that you have enough space on your hard drives.

In comparison: So big was Mayo PERCO:

Xbox One 6.7 GB
Xbox Series X 6.7 GB
PS4 6.8 GB
PS5 6.8 GB
PC, Steam 8.8 GB
PC, Rockstar Games Launcher 9.3 GB
PC, Epic Games Store 8.8 GB

Which content brings The Contract?

New Story: Fans was amazed when Franklin Clinton was shown in the announcement and in the trailer for the update The Contract. He is one of the protagonists from Story mode and now celebrates his big comeback with an agency. However, reconnections are missing in the celebrity world, which he receives no less than his Buddy Lamar Davis.

To prove itself, Franklin is to be the mobile phone of rap-legend. Take back, which he lost on his trip to Mayo PERCO. Because on the phone was important music, which is now landed in the wrong hands.

New Weapons: In the newswire preview to the update, Rockstar Games already announced the compact EMP launcher and the electric shocker as weapons.

New real estate: Officially known are the armory and the agency as new real estate you can buy.

New cars: The Ends Jubilee and the Dew Beach Champion have already been revealed by Rockstar Games.

Leaks to The Contract

What was happened? A comment from an insider into the GTA forum just awakens a stir in the community (via There users writes Wildbrick142 — which also correctly predicted the spawns of the treasure boxes — which awaits you in the new update:

Four locations for the agencies
The agencies can be adapted with art, colors, wallpapers, private areas, arms chamber and vehicle workshop
The story will have a Heist structure — smaller missions that end in a finale
From your agency contact you can use services like an SUV, disappear from the radar or find a bike nearby
There should be 15 new vehicles — Cinquemila, Reeves, Shinobi, Granger and Baller, Death variants, New variants of Patriot and Buffalo and a new variant of Comet as a convertible as well as the two presented vehicles Jubilee and Champion
Three new weapons belong to the update — the serious sniper rifle joins the already presented EMP gates and electric shockers
New color variants for weapons like a Christmas UP N atomizer
Many new garments such as t-shirts, earrings, hats, masks but also tattoos

How do you like the view of the new update of GTA online? Do you like that the developers bring the protagonists from the story into online mode and continue their story, or would you prefer to wish special LCS for the single player? Write us your opinion here on Mango in the comments.

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