Win a 169 99 King Bee II Microphone with 169 99

Genuine Opioid Semiconductor SLR Microphone
Exceptional audio for recording, voice over, broadcast and streaming
Perfect for singing, battery, electric guitar, piano and acoustic instruments
Genuine 34 mm 34 mm genuine capsule with large diaphragm and gold spray
Beautifully stylish modern design; Custom Discreet Class A electronics offers amazing clarity and depth
SLR output; Includes custom Beekeeper shockproof suspension and a bee-nest anti-pop filter for plosive control

NEAT King Bee Condenser Mic Review / Test
This is a leading product to produce quality sound for a variety of different uses. If you are a voice actor off, a broadcaster, a Ströer or a grass musician, this microphone will certainly give you the desired advantage.

Participate in this contest is as simple as filling the Gleam below. The winner will receive a King Bee II microphone, worth $169.99, sent directly to his home. However, there are some notes that deserve to be mentioned. First, this gift is only available for those living in North America. Secondly, the winner will be contacted by e-mail and will have a definite time to answer. Once the winner is notified, we will announce it on our Twitter thread. Good luck to all those who enter and stay listening to Cog connected for more gifts in the future.

Win a King Bee II microphone

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