LOL The tribute to Arcane of a K singer

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Arcane: Official Trailer

League of Legends leads to world phenomenon a few years, but the launch of arcane has been able to further promote the popularity of the video game. Since its premiere the passion for the series has not stopped climbing, and one of the most particular moments we have seen it recently at a K-POP music festival that has taken place in Korea. There, one of the participating artists has decided to pay homage to Jinx, one of the most important fiction characters created by Riot Games and Netflix.

K-Pop performance in which arcane is honored

The artist in question has been Sunni, who has played the song of her Tail characterized as the League of Legends champion. She did it during the celebration of the KBS Song Festival, issued on South Korea television annually since 1965 and considered one of the most important musical contests for the country’s artists. In it, extraordinarily media groups act in the West as Ritzy or Seventeen.

Attending to the popularity of League of Legends in South Korea, it is not uncommon to see appearances in different television or cultural products. In fact, one of the most controversial moments related to Faker and his team were the high demands regarding advertising commitments, among which was the appearance in one of the television spaces with which BTS counts on one of the great chains of the country and The ‘ FANDOM ‘ of Blackpink starred a great controversy with TSM.

However, the phenomenon does not always reach as far as it has taken Sunni now. On one of the most important dates and with its great success of recent times, the artist has decided to honor the most popular League of League champion than those that appear in Arcane offering this gigantic space to Riot Games.

Next, you can enjoy the full performance of it:

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