Despite corona cases Premier League continues playing

Ho! Ho! Ho! Premier League to continue through festive season despite COVID outbreaks
In the end, the opinion gap was so clear that it did not even need more of a proper vote: the clubs of the Premier League had held a digital meeting on Monday afternoon, where it was discussed whether the game mode is to be interrupted for the time being. England’s highest playing class has two gaming days in the calendar year 2021 before the chest. Unlike the FC Liverpool, which had been positioned for a shift of the 20th match day (a few days after the Boxing Day on the 2nd Christmas holiday), the majority of the 20 clubs for the continuation of the game operation decided. For the Premier League, where last weekend six of the ten games had to be canceled due to numerous Corona cases, even a season break was brought to language. However, there was no club on — again the main argument were the financial losses.

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