Goblins of Elderstone New Live Update Today

Get ready to lead your Goblin tribe even further. The Outer dawn City Builder, the new Goblin of Elder stone update, A Goblin Story, is now online. A press release on the update provides more details. User interface updates at updated history moments, and even a festive touch. This update brings a lot of changes to the tribe.

The moments feature of the history of Goblins of Elder stone has been updated to offer a more powerful, immersive and reactive experience to the player. Says the press release.

Goblins of Elderstone - Dev Diary 4

As described in a trailer of the developer log for the update, the moments of history are moments of profound impact for the player. They present an event whose player decides from the outcome, which will affect all the characters involved. With A Goblin Story, the update of the player user interface has been modified. In addition, new scriptures, music and much more improve the player’s experience.

The development newspaper, published at the same time as the update includes examples of the moments of the history updated. In addition, the developer log reviews some other future changes with the update, including changes to palisade mechanisms.

The newspaper deepens in detail the namesake of the update. In addition, the log addresses the other aspects of the update. Changes to palisade mechanics include work priorities.

In addition, goblins feel the holiday season. This update brings festive decorations. You will see your village decorated with brilliant lights and other festive decorations. Of course, with this joy of Goblin holidays, Outer dawn also feels the festive spirit. As of December 22, Goblins of Elder stone enjoys a 50% discount on Steam Winter sales.

Goblins of Elder stone is a city / nation building game that is currently available on Steam Early Access. It is priced at $19.99. In addition, the complete output will be early 2022.

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