Semiconductor fine process beneficial Design House Gown

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Domestic semiconductor design houses are growing. Semiconductor microconduct is highly designed to increase the level of design.

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The design house plays a role in designing a semiconductor design drawing to a drawing for manufacturing. Semiconductor Consignment (Foundry) Company and design specializing in design (fables) companies.

Lee Jong-il said, I will lead the world system semiconductor market with innovative technology, he said.

In the ‘2021 Venture Certification Emergency Awards ceremony’ held in Yangjae-dong El Tower last week, Taiwan Semiconductor Consignment Production (Foundry) Company TSMC is assessed that you have created jobs. ITALIAN was established in 2016 as an on-demand semiconductor (ASIC) service company, which is equipped with 7 · 12, 16, 28 nanometer tasks with its own technology. We have added 20 this year.

EDITED Tomorrow is a new one of the design houses this year’s most manpower. The 200 people who did not have 200 last year were over 400 this year. ADITECHOOLOP is a manufacturer’s developed product (ODM) company of the system semiconductor market and develops semiconductor devices from finished product manufacturers and fables companies and produces semiconductors as a customer’s trademark. Samsung Electronics Foundry Design Solution Partner (DSP).

As a system semiconductor develops into a microcomputer design, the system semiconductor has evolved as a fine process design, he has increased through the design house such as EDITED.

The heat chips also increased their workforce by about 150 people on 100. Samsung Electronics Foundry DSP is also DSP.

Semi-Five expands the M & A (M & A) and the other design house. Only a semi-application staff, 120 people have increased to 190 this year, and one more than 100 people have more than 100 people.

There is also a company that expands his feet as a new business. KO Asia has recently established a semiconductor professional investment company C & C Eye Partners as a new technology business finance business division. Aphasia System Semiconductor’s intellectual property (IP) is secured and invested in initial enterprise (startup). KO Asia’s System Semiconductor Business Division KO Asia Semi is a Samsung Foundry DSP.

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