Xbox unveils free games for January

16 FREE games coming in 2022

A popular feature of having an Xbox Live Gold subscription is the 4 new free games you can buy to own each month. The 4 new games for Gold owners in January 2022 were finally unveiled.

Free games with Gold are a must-have of the Xbox from the Xbox 360. At the time, there were only two free games. Nevertheless, it was always an added addition to the other benefits of having a gold membership.

When the Xbox 360 games were finally retro-compatible on Xbox One a few years ago, Microsoft added each month 2 free Xbox 360 games at 2 free Xbox One games already available. They remained faithful to this formula for many years with little or no rehearsal.

The next free of January games were unveiled on the YouTube Xbox channel. The games are Neurovoider, AGROUND, Radiant Silver gun and Space Invader Infinity Gene.

Given that Game Pass is very popular now and that it comes with Xbox Live Gold, most people will have access to these games. Xbox does not put them in the foreground as they did at the time of the Xbox 360, but the games are still not difficult to find. Simply browse in the Xbox home menu until you find them.

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