The Godyla of Imas is on an icon tact and talks about the eyes of the Idol Master Star Lit Season opponent watch the world in the game 15

This article is the contents of exploring the back side of eye mass production. Please note if you want to take care of your idol.

When I watched the Starlit Season PV, I just had to be the richness of the expression. There were many works of animated graphics, but I have never seen a deep expression so far. It is not an exaggeration to say that this work is a sense of possibility that it is likely has been promoted and says the highest peak in Japanese-style animator.

Why are we drawn into their facial expressions? Once observed, it was found that there is a secret of presence with a very close change in the distance.

There is a proverb that the eyes say to the mouth, but in Asia, including the Western and Japan, it is clear that the place where you are looking at the time when reading the expression is different.

Even if you look at the comparison of emoticons, Japan has a big part of the eye, and the part of the mouth is largely expressed. It seems that the difference between the viewing parts appears around 7 months after birth, and in the field of the game, the meaning of the lip sync is not correct if the lip sync is incorrect. In recent years there is also a study that the way of making the expression itself is different, and referring to the image of the article, it is also possible that the characteristics of the eyes are still large.

In the Idol Master, you may think that posing is a little easier, but you can see that how to make eye faces are especially vain. The movement of the eyes was incorporated from the early stage, but Stamps felt that the amount of information increased significantly.

Aims is so attractive to the player any pose, but this will also mean removing the line of sight. Where the is crazy about the game, in the scene where she talks, the is just looking forward to the cirri. And soon she just removes her eyes and shows the degree of interest of the game than the producer.

In many other games, there is no way to look at players and straight eyes, so the experience of Aiming, the experience of Aiming is eye mass. When you do not confident, when you’re not confident, you can catch the motion of the delicate gaze, and also find the hidden anxiety.

In the scene of the community, the way of expression is not going to be done, and it is made into one by one. For example, the first opportunity scene with the future. She was a neutral look when she said, but she gave her face to her face, she knows that she was 765 professional producer increase. The screen is just a slight movement on the screen, but you can feel the difference between the two impressions clearly. This is a site that specializes only the face of face area in the human brain, and it is possible to instantly recognize the motion of fine face.

The movement of the eyebrows and the corner are easy to understand to some extent, but the eyes are also quite fine. How to open your eyes, relax, relax, three stages of thinning, adding eyes, and the movement of the eye, and there are various combinations with the movement of the eye outline. At the time of excitement and surprise, the size of the eyes also changes, and there is a blend of facial expression when there is a movement and mouth movement.

According to Psychologist Paul Tongan, human emotions are said to be anger, hatred, fear, joy, sadness and surprise. If it is a normal game, it is one face pattern for one emotion, such as joy anger and puzzle, but by changing the combination of each part, gradation is created, and a lively look comes out..

If this is a scene, with the expression of joy that narrows eyes and the corner of the corner, fear and sadness that will be a letter of hook appeared, and I’m happy, but not calm Introduction is expressed.

This is the same surprise and eye movement, but because the corner is rising, it is surprising, expecting new things, expressing exciting. Humans are said to be Cytosine and so-called love hormones in to detect of eye contact and expression, and eye mass is a conversation by making a variety of variations in emotional expressions Become stronger.

The blend of this facial expression is lively staged, but compared with the pre-house Stellar stage of the household machine, the movement of eyebrows and mouth is clearly changing, and it becomes more aggressive rice field. All producers must have been crushed through the heart on the face of the camera.

The smile stands even more by inserting neutral such as tension and relaxation, and negative expression. The smile is also different from the end of the eye, and every time I bloom, the expression changes, and it has been active in one second.

In the community, both these facial expressions are made manually, and it is possible to fit because it has been carefully chasing the emotions of each idol and spending a huge amount of time. Here, the love and passion is clogged too much, and the player can also pour the same love and passion as well.

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