Com2us college student supporters `Com2us player` 7th episode

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Hallmark: Signed, Sealed, Delivered Season 1, Episode 7
[Eye News 24 Mun-Young Joe reporter] Com2us (Representative Song Jae-won, Lee, Yi) released a college student supporters ‘Com2us player’ 7th episode.

Com2us player is a unique supporters’ activity of Com2us, which produces a variety of content, such as games and recruitment directly from a fresh perspective, with a fresh point of college students interested in the game industry.

Com2us has introduced the role and meaning of Com2us player with 10 players last selected on the 28th, and has introduced the role and meaning of the Com2us player, and shares the future activity plan.

Com2us players will be divided into video teams and design teams for six months from January to June 2022 and will be divided into games and recruitment content.

In particular, Com2ealth’s metabus platform ‘Com2ealth’, includes a variety of news, such as an internal event, an employees’ interview, and an organization culture experience, and a role in notifying the various news of Com2us.

For Com2us players, with basic activity fee, excellent reporter award, group, and souvenirs, etc. are paid, and when the player who completed the activity is supported in future bonds and internship programs, adds a gas on the documents.

The content made through the Com2us player 7th activities will be disclosed through various media such as SNS channels, Instagram, and Facebook, such as Future YouTube, Instagram Gram, Facebook, and LinkedIn.

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