Unnecessary knowledge – 5 things that you do not yet know about Wow

We tell you five small details underworld of Warcraft that you certainly not keynote.

This article is originally from December 2017. He was aktualisiert. early 2022

The World of Warcraft is over 8 extensions quite grown up, and hardly a player knows all the small details of the game world. Some are even hidden or so small that it never gets to see them if you are not specifically looking for it. It would be a shame if you do not share this knowledge with other players, right?

We present to you today five things from the World of Warcraft that pass perfectly as useless knowledge. Have fun with it!

1. Cats — Lazy and cuddly

Azeroth Is NOT What We Thought
In World of Warcraft there are now well over 500 different pets. Many of these pets that can be used in pet battles, have unique animations or special behaviors.

When it comes to the pure cuteness, but then not Corgis, but the cats win of Zeroth. These have in fact several opportunities for interaction with the environment and their owners, making them potential candidates for cute and nice screenshots.

Did you know that cats sit on your lap? Summons for a cat, take them to the finish and used / sit. After a few seconds we get the cat AngelList the character and sit on his lap!

Apart from this, however, cats unspeakably lazy and have a preference for automatic vacuum cleaner that travel back and forth across the room. How convenient that there is this vacuum cleaner in World of Warcraft are!

With the toy Stolen brush, so you can summon a vacuum cleaner. Do you have a pet cat here, this jump up and drive around the neighborhood? So finally get cats their own mount!

2 . The love of a demon

Warlocks are popular in World of Warcraft, alone already because they can lead demonic allies into battle. A succubus is rarely seen, although outside PVP to face, but so many a player takes the Peitschenschwingerin in a dungeon but with it — for purely aesthetic reasons, of course.

Just this Warlock can annoy if for the spreading them succubus That’s easy. Take the demon to the finish and tried a / kiss or / flirt. Immediately will appear a heart above your head and that of the succubus.

As a rule, the sorcerer tried jealous, also produce the effect, which will not succeed: He namely a built-decay time of just 30 seconds. This will further boost the frustration of the Warlock…

We’ll see if the future is also the incubus — even though the two are really one and the same creature.

3 . Sit down and I critter you away!

Especially in PVP battlegrounds is a break every now and again necessary. Who properly plugged Manabrötchen the next best magicians can take a little meal break after every battle. But carefully! In addition to the restore hit points and MANA the food brings a mortal danger to himself: sitting down.

A character sits, is in fact guaranteed by the next physical attack critically hit! Whether an ambush by rogue or a warrior from Execute. The next attack will be a critical hit 100%. So if you are defending a flag in Marathi point, then you realize: Never sit down. The opposing villain, it would certainly take advantage of.

According to rumors, there was even a trick: who lay on his back, which was not attacked from behind, which should protect as before the ambush of a rogue.

4 . On Fire — Druids should avoid campfire

For years, Druids had in World of Warcraft listen that they should be careful in their tree shape than Wiederherstellungsdruide yet. Otherwise, they would be cut up, burn, process to a chair or the like. But did you know that one of these things is really possible?

Anyone who has learned the craft and cooking, which can set up where players can prepare food or just relax a bit with just one click a Cozy Fire. However, this does not apply to druids in their Treantgestalt. Once they come with fire in contact, they themselves seized by the flames and start smoking! An actual negative effect it has, however, not, it is only an optical gimmick.

Maybe just a little reminder of what has happened to the Teldrassil…

5 . The nature-loving Lauren

Hardly a people in World of Warcraft take care of nature as the Laurene. They are basically peace-loving creatures that the sense is only after war when there is a valid reason for it. At then, when the earth nut must be protected or a crazy war feral named wind runner calls. Otherwise, Lauren is mainly true in druid circles, as wildlife or regenerative tasks in spoiled surroundings. But did you know that the nature bondage is already right on behalf of the Lauren? Lauren is an anagram to the English word Nature — if you exchange the order of the letters, the new word arises. The nice thing about it? Now where you know that, you can never forget it again… That was our useless knowledge for this week. Which of these points and details do you already know? Was everything new for you? Or can you know each of these points?

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