It seems that the decision to cancel E3 2022 had been taken even before omicron

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A few moments ago it was confirmed that the face-to-face event of E3 2022 has been canceled due to the problems that the Covid-19 represents and the omicron variant. However, a report notes that this could not be the case, and the plans of a physical celebration were discarded for months.

According to Mike Butter, Analyst and Developer, the plans to cancel a physical event by ESA, E3 organizers, were underway since mid-November 2021. This is before the variant of the omicron It was seen in such a dangerous way. Undoubtedly, a strange decision, especially considered that an early event was something that was presumed last year.

Along with this, Jason Schrader, Bloomberg journalist, supports this information by pointing out that the ESA had not provided some kind of schedule for this year’s E3. At the moment it is unknown what this change of plans means for this event. Some have pointed out that this is the end of E3, while others just believe that this is a bump on the way.

The last year showed that digital presentations work for some, and not for others. In the case of E3 2021, a couple of events managed to captivate the public, but many more lost the interest of digital assistants. We only have to wait and see if that managed to learn from his mistakes.

COVID-19 Update for January 4, 2022
On related topics, here you can learn more about the cancellation of this event. Similarly, Geoff Kafka has confirmed a new edition for Summer Game Fest.

Editor’s note:

Last year it was shown that companies can live without an E3. Although it is clear that there are businesses behind that require events of this type, and the independent scene may not have the exhibition it deserves, the public and large companies can already live without E3, which is something sad.

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