Dying Light 2 Prepares its final line: Cooperative mode, comparison of consoles and new GamePlay trailer

Dying Light 2 Stay Human lived a few days ago a curious controversy around its duration, Tech land surprised the players with a duration of up to 500 hours for their game, which later stored, confirming that we will need about 20 hours to complete the Main campaign and around 80 hours to perform it with all secondary missions. It seems that content is not going to be missing and a good part of it has presented it in the final video of its Dying 2 Know series.

We will vote the decisions in cooperative mode In this episode, we have been able to see in action the promising cooperative mode of up to four players , in which we can complete the full game campaign in company. Players who join our departure, will be able to retain them weapons and progression in their game, while decisions determining for history will be voted by players , although the host will have the last word.


Dying Light 2 is shown in its different console versions Tech land has also shown the game version in consoles , through a comparison with Gameplay captured in PS4, PS5, Xbox One and Xbox Series X. This episode 6 of Dying 2 Know has included a new gameplay trailer where we have been able to follow the steps of Aiden in the search for his sister , being able to see some sections of history and knowing new characters.

The trailer ‘The Reason’ serves to capture the essence of the Title of Survival while we wait for a launch for which there is less than a month. Dying Light 2 Stay Human will arrive at next February 4 and is already one of Steam’s most anticipated games, just overcome by Elder Ring. In 3DGames we have already played it, so remember that our Dying Light 2 prints are available, where you can meet some keys of the expected game of Parkour and Survival .

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