The new VR game from Ubisoft will try on saving the Cathedral of Notre Dame

Ubisoft has established a collaboration with the Path and Jean-Jacques Arnaud study to create a new experience in VR that is based on the 2019 fire of the Notre-Dame Cathedral.

Notre-Dame is burning is a Docudrama filmed with IMAX that will be launched in March 2022 and details the way firefighters could control the fire, avoiding the whole building burn and disappeared forever.

To accompany the launch of the documentary, Ubisoft will publish a game actually virtual with the same name, which will put players on the skin of these firefighters, and which reuses the mapping of Assassin’s Creed Unity to recreate an exhaust experience.

As in any escape game, it is a matter of solving puzzles and cooperating with your teammates, explained Senior Vice President of Ubisoft, Deborah Pasternak, in an interview with Variety. The idea is to progress through the cathedral and find relics and turn off the fire to save Notre-Dame.

The game will not be a direct adaptation of the documentary but will offer a personal vision. The fact that we had access to the script nourished a lot to our team, but that does not mean that we have moved everything directly to the game, but we use it as adaptation material.

At the moment, you do not know what platforms you can play.

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