The tavern: the most expected of 2022 and the promising PS VR 2

The Meditation Tavern returns to the load after a deserved vacation, and does so with Albert, Kootenai and Salva prepared to review everything that happens in the world of video game. 2022 hDying Light just begun, and the three reported what they were their most expected and what we could contemplate first level names such Dying Light Dying Light 2, Elder Ring, Lost Ark, Gran Tourism 7 and much more. In addition, we also analyze the launch calendar before a surprising first trustee of launches. In addition, we also stopped analyzing in detail the technical specifications of PS VR2 and the possibilities of virtual reality in console, a very promising bet from Sony that we want to see how far it arrives. All this with a point of humor and reviews Very on the flight , Dying Light usual.

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