Do you remember Psygnosis? PlayStation renews the brand, although it does not seem to be plans with it

Over several decades, the industry has left us great companies for the memory that today, sadly, are no longer among us. That is the case of prognosis , a veteran British video game company from which large IP was born still today as Wipe out or Lemmings. Now, PlayStation has renewed its brand and logo after several years in oblivion, although it does not seem to be plans with it.

The record was made at the beginning of December, and discovered in networks by Roberto Serrano, and is accompanied by an image of the original emblem so that no other company can use it in their favor, as already done in 2011.

Thus, we are possibly a protectionist movement, one of so many, which aims to prevent third parties to be able to revive the legacy of the Liverpool team. However, it is not necessary to rule out that since Japanese firm they seek Baptize, or Rebaptize, one of its current studies such as Prognosis.

Prognosis history starts about 40 years ago in Liverpool and can be read in depth through a report made by extra life colleagues. Initially independent, the company was purchased in 1993 by PlayStation in its efforts to give content to its recent premiere in the world of consoles, and were renamed as SHE Studio Liverpool until It’s close in 2012.

Part of its veterans is disintegrated by different teams in the sector in the United Kingdom, and that includes a recent Sony purchase: Fire Sprite. This team is already working in Horizon: Call of the Mountain for PlayStation VR 2.

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