Fans demand that PlayStation buy a high-level study

The purchase of Activision Blizzard by Microsoft has the altered industry in a way that had not been seen since the Xbox parent company acquired Bethesda. Now, similar to that occasion, the fans demand that Sony PlayStation respond with some similar movement.

Through social networks, the fans have asked Sony to perform a similar movement, and decide to buy a high-level study. Names like Square Enix, Banzai NAMC, INAMI, Sega, Epic Games and Take-Two have circulated between the opinions of the players . However, PlayStation remains silent.

It certainly seems that Sony needs to intensify your acquisition game. I love your First Party studies, but today’s news show a strong trend. It is not that you want this future particularly, but if it is a complete arms race, Sony needs to buy a power like Square Enix quickly.


Xbox just purchased Activision. Mr. PlayStation go buy Square Enix quickly to compete!

Rockstar Games would be a better option. They have better IP addresses than Square, whose only good IP addresses are FF and Tomb Raider, which is basically uncharted.

Sure, PlayStation is not strange to the acquisition of studies. Only last year we saw how Bluepoint Games, Nixes Software, House marque, Fire sprite and Valkyrie Entertainment joined this family. However, It seems that fans have forgotten these movements , and are only focusing on high-level companies.

On related issues, the acquisition of Activision Blizzard caused Sony’s actions to fall at its lowest point since 2008. In the same way, here you can see the new trailer of Horizon Forbidden West.

Editor’s note:

The fans have to understand that Sony is not in the position of making movements similar to those of Microsoft. Although buying Square Enix would surely benefit PlayStation, the company has made it clear that they do not need to do this, since their own exclusives are capable of moving console units, something that is not the case with Xbox.

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